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Polaris Put Pro ENgine IN Their Quadbikes

Polaris's 570 ProStar engine is one of its best engines of all time. There's nothing like it in the market. It's high-powered, reasonably compact, and it's a powerhouse for both the RZR and Polaris Ranger family. However, this was the first time that it had been used in a quadbike.

In the Polaris ATV line up, the Sportsman is one of the most legendary quad bikes for sale, and it's safe to say that it's the vehicle that gave birth to Polaris Off-Road vehicles. Sportsman's popularity even influenced other manufacturers to put CVT transmissions in their lineups, and while CVT transmissions were once seen as the black sheep of the quad world, utility riders still appreciated their ease of operation. Virtually all utility ATVs today are equipped with CVTs as their drive system. It was only a matter of time before someone combined the classic chassis with an excellent engine.

In spite of the fact that installing an awesome ProStar 570 engine into a Sportsman chassis might seem like a great idea, it was not exactly simple. It is very difficult to install a motor into a chassis originally designed for a different power source. The ProStar 570 had to be stuffed into a utility Polaris ATV chassis that was designed for a different power source. Polaris actually used TWO different chassis platforms to create the new Sportsman 570 models, which made things even more challenging for them. There would be two new models, the Sportsman 570 and the Sportsman 570 SP. There is a difference between the Sportsman 570 and the 570 SP, which uses the new dual-arm front end platform instead of the older strut style front end used on the Sportsman 570. In both models, the rear suspension is independent, but considerable changes had to be made to the rear suspension in order to incorporate the CVT and differential. It's even one of the models that Polaris calls one of their Premium models, the Sportsman 570 SP. So what this means is that you're getting the best of everything they've ever learned and built in a package that's extremely easy to ride and extremely comfortable.

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