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Polaris proudly support the Carta SSV Trophy 2020 racing the Polaris RZR and sports Polaris UTV

Polaris merchant in Morocco, YMF Extreme Motors, has declared its support of the Carta SSV Trophy, the original SSV-only race in Morocco which is scheduled to take place this November.

Hosted at the doors of the Sahara Desert, the first edition of the Carta SSV Trophy will take place between the 24th November to 28th November this year. The cooperation with Polaris will bring five days of intensive riding around M’hamid, Morocco, with complete Polaris support available solely for Polaris customers.

“We’re inspired to be able to offer this exceptional happening for our Polaris community – it’s the perfect chance to push their riding skills outside of their normal comfort zone and see the whole potential of the Polaris RZR, a sports Polaris UTV, in its natural habitat,” stated YMF Extreme Motors executives. “The Carta Rallye Team have comprehensive international rally experience so it’s certain to be an unforgettable event, experienced by like-minded competitors who are all passionate about off-road riding.”

On a course designed explicitly for side-by-side vehicles, Polaris buyers have the unique opportunity to exercise their love for off-road adrenaline and adventure. The Carta SSV Trophy offers the perfect occasion to experience dunes and technical tracks in a race setting specially designed for the latest SSV ride, allowing riders to experience the course without having to accept the restrictions of sharing the same approach with cars, trucks and motorcycles.

Chris Armelin, the initiator of the Carta SSV Trophy, said: “With the support of the Polaris UTV distributors in Morocco, our contestants will get the level of support and service which you would anticipate from a world-class brand. The Carta SSV Trophy is the original and only SSV-specific rally experience in Morocco and given the success of our past Carta Rallye events – which is now entering its seventh release – we’re certain this is going to be an remarkable event and I’m excited at the chance of welcoming the Polaris SSV community and experiencing with them our love for the desert and racing!”

Fitting for both seasoned Polaris RZR enthusiasts and thrill-seeking Polaris UTV buyers who are fresh to the racing scene, the event offers a couple of race categories to suit different rider skills and experience: The SSV Baja category offers an American-style Baja course where riders will drive a GPS track without a roadbook. This race will be placed and timed, with sub-categories for both turbo SSV models – similar to the all-new Polaris RZR Pro XP and Polaris RZR for sale XP Turbo models – and non-turbo models.

The SSV GPS Cup category will examine riders’ navigational skills on an escapade across the sands, riding from place to place via virtual waypoints. Riders will be questioned to choose the best possible course to reach the end inside a given number of hours.

In both classes, there will be a “Polaris Challenge” to learn the best finishing Polaris contenders. The event also features a particular night-time stage and a marathon step that includes an overnight stay in a desert camp to explore the magic of the dunes under the stars.

Beckside Machinery are official Polaris UK dealers, who retail Polaris quads for sale, including kids quad bikes.

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