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Polaris QUADS Sportsman XP 1000 Drive Belt Inspection and Replacement

Always use safety glasses plus nitrile gloves when maintaining your Polaris quad. To examine or replace the drive belt on your Polaris Sportsman XP 1000, obey these steps:

1. Park the Polaris ATV on a level, flat surface.

2. Assure the off-road vehicle is in PARK.

3. Establish the parking brake.

4. Lift the seat by lifting up on the back and pulling back.

5. Utilizing a 17mm socket, slacken the lug nuts on the left rear wheel; simply do not remove them.

6. Raise and securely support the Polaris quad bike. Refer to your Owner’s Manual for precise lifting techniques.

7. Remove the lug nuts and placed them on one side.

8. Next, remove the left rear wheel and put it to one side.

9. Applying a 15mm socket, remove the four fasteners holding the lower left-hand frame support and separate them from the off-road vehicle frame.

10. Working a 10mm socket, remove the two upper PVT cover fasteners of the seat well. Then remove the left fasteners through the wheel wells.

11. Thoughtfully pull the outer PVT cover from the left rear wheel well.

12. Examine the cover seal and replace it if needed. The seal is part number 5521802.

13. Record the orientation of the drive belt so it can be installed in the same way.

14. Insert the clutch spreader tool into the driven clutch to spread the clutch sheaves. Caution: Ensure the tool is square with the moveable sheave surface of the driven clutch.

15. Carefully walk the belt off the driven clutch while opening the clutch sheaves with the spreader tool as needed. Then remove from the drive clutch.

16. Inspect the belt for any fraying, hour-glassing, loose cords, missing cogs, abrasions, burns or damage, and replace if needed.

17. Clean out the inside of the clutch covers thoroughly. Warning: Failure to remove ALL debris when replacing the belt could result in vehicle damage, loss of control and severe injury or death.

18. If replacing the belt, the part number on the belt should face outward when installed. The belt is part number 3211160.

19. Loop the belt over the drive clutch and begin to walk it over the top of the driven clutch.

20. Work the drive belt onto the driven clutch. Rotate the driven clutch clockwise while opening the sheaves with the spreader tool as needed.

21. Spin the driven clutch five to seven times to seat the belt.

22. Carefully reinstall the clutch cover, ensuring the cover seal is fully seated.

23. Install the nine cover fasteners through the wheel wells and two upper fasteners through the seat well. Torque to 30 in-lbs (3.4 Nm).

24. Reinstall the lower left-hand frame support and four retaining bolts—torque to 37 ft-lbs (50 Nm).

25. Install the wheel on the hub.

26. Install the wheel lug nuts hand tight.

27. Safely lower the Polaris quad bike to the ground. Reference your Owner’s Manual for proper lowering techniques.

28. Torque the lugs nuts to specification in a crisscross pattern. Torque the lug nuts on aluminium wheels to 75 ft-lbs (102 Nm) and lug nuts on steel wheels to 45 ft-lbs (61 Nm).

29. Reinstall the seat by joining the front tabs and pushing down on the rear.

Beckside Machinery are authorised Polaris Dealers, UK.

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