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Polaris Ranger Diesel in Ireland

Since 2019, a powerful new off-road vehicle has been exciting the agricultural industry and smallholders alike due to its robust durability and upgraded power output. That machine is the new Polaris Ranger Diesel.

A sheep farmer based in the West of Ireland has been putting the new model UTV for sale through its paces, over muddy and swampy territory, along with using it for all tasks, from feeding to rounding up her sheep and even mowing with an ATV flail mower.

Mary Moloney said that she's delighted with the Polaris Ranger Diesel for sale. She mentioned that the machine is higher than her previous John Deere machine and that the improved ground clearance means that it's much better to cross various rivers and streams around her property.

Mary has taken her Polaris Ranger and added various UTV implements, such as a winch to pull heavy feed bags out of her Jeep and into the feed shed. She's also prioritised keeping her equipment and belongings that she takes on her travels dry in all sorts of conditions by purchasing a cover for the rear cargo bed on her Ranger. The cargo bed has even come in handy to cover and transport a lost sheep back to the rest of the flock!

She mentions that she's an older lady and that she farms by herself. Under these conditions, the Polaris Ranger Diesel is an invaluable addition to her farming machinery.

Developed to perform to the highest ability under the most demanding conditions, the Ranger Diesel features a Kubota engine, which is the most powerful in its class, from a renowned company for producing high-quality compact tractors for sale. Fitted with this super engine, the Ranger Diesel usually does over 200 hours before service intervals, plus it consumes less oil and the oil filter has a longer shelf-life than manh of it's competitors.

Polaris Rangers sport the highest top speed in their class. It's certainly designed for heavy-duty long hauling.

If you are interested in a Polaris Ranger Diesel for sale in the UK, please contact Beckside Machinery, official Polaris Dealers.

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