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Derwydd Farm, located in the countryside of North Wales, is a lively, eco-friendly farm operated by Llŷr Jones and his family. Farming sheep, cows and free-range hens, Llŷr has one principal aim: To have an utterly carbon-neutral farm. He hopes to lead by example by running a carbon-neutral farm, increase awareness of the carbon emissions connected with farming, and encourage and motivate others to become more sustainable.

Farming produces roughly 10% of the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions; but farms also produce enough renewable energy for about ten million homes each year over the UK. Llŷr is producing renewable energy reservoirs through hydro and solar power. But, remaining carbon neutral can be difficult for farmers, especially seeing as they require heavy-duty and powerful machines to get the work done. At Derwydd Farm, Llŷr utilises the Polaris Ranger EV as a more eco-friendly option to a typical UTV for sale.

Last month, Llŷr bought a Polaris Ranger EV for sale after previously owning a Kawasaki Mule, to fit with the job they are trying to do of converting to fully carbon neutral:

“The Polaris is a complete no-brainer, with it being electric, we can apply our electricity to charge it, meaning it does not cost us anything to operate and better yet it is much more suitable for the environment with no emissions being created.”

Llyr Jones, Carbon Neutral Farmer

The Polaris is worked all the time about the farm by Llŷr and his shepherdess Vicky.

“It gets used about 50/50 among myself and Vicky, Vicky will use it to guide the sheep in, but I utilise it to feed the calves, running up to the chicken shed, surprisingly anything that needs doing - it’s super fast. It’s excellent because the dogs can hop in the back and as we charge it at night, it lasts the whole day!”

Llyr Jones, Carbon Neutral Farmer

Presently Llŷr has decreased his carbon emissions significantly with the installation of the Ranger EV, he is studying reducing the number of methane emissions generated from his cattle.