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Polaris Ranger Stories: Ground Maintenance

The Polaris Ranger is among the best selling utility vehicles for sale across the earth. It has earned its status as the ultimate utility vehicle with over one million vehicles built and counting. To showcase the versatility of the Ranger, Polaris has started on a journey across Europe, Middle East and Africa to see and film how consumers are using the Polaris Ranger in their day-to-day circumstances. The ambition, called Ranger Stories, is set to show the many ways that the RANGER line-up is helping customer lives worldwide.

Episode 8 – Hertfordshire, UK

Heavy machinery and professional equipment are a must for agricultural and grounds keeping work, but what happens when a UTV is needed for more moderate duties? Longstanding agricultural company – MW Agri Ltd. – found an answer in the Polaris Ranger.

Operating across a large part of Hertfordshire in the UK, MW Agri Ltd. includes a wide range of agricultural duties, both public and private grass control and maintenance tasks. Beautiful landscapes envelope this South East region, several which are maintained by the company at MW Agri Ltd.

Initially purchasing a Polaris Ranger 900 five years ago, MW Agri owned a Polaris Ranger XP 1000 and recently bought a 2021 Ranger 1000 off a local Polaris dealer to help out their many responsibilities.

Polaris joins MW Agri Owner and Managing Director Malcolm Weaver to see precisely what aspects of the Polaris Ranger make it so handy for ground management for the eighth instalment of RANGER Stories—homologated for road usage in the UK. With the larger alloy wheels for improved road speed, the Ranger 1000 is ideal for transporting the team over different locations, particularly as time management plays such an essential role in this line of business. The Ranger 1000 boasts class-leading 1,134kg towing capability and smooth low-speed drivability, enabling the team to tow all kinds of heavy fencing tools and implements. With its 30.5cm of ground clearance, the company can access all areas for every customer.

Reliability also played a big part when choosing the Polaris Ranger; the company’s equipment mustn’t fail on a project for its clients. The Polaris Ranger 1000 is built to serve with a heavy-duty steel head bumper, full-body skid plate, longer-lasting firm suspension bushings and the new Pro-PVTi clutching method which has been engineered with significant internal wear components to give enhanced drivability, reliability and handle.

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