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Polaris Ranger Utility Vehicles Support G7 Summit

In June, Polaris supplied a fleet of electric utility vehicles – the Polaris Ranger EV – to the Devon and Cornwall Police for the G7 summit.

The 47th G7 summit was on 11-13 June 2021 in Cornwall, UK, meeting leaders of G7 nations, the EU and guest nations to unite and strive towards a greener, more prosperous tomorrow, as well as discussing how the world can repair and recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

Used to help security operations around the Carbis Bay beach section of Cornwall, a total of even electric-powered Ranger EVs and one Polaris Ranger Diesel UTV were provided for the event, along with complete vehicle operation and safety education for firearms officers.

Superintendent Joanne Hall of Devon and Cornwall Police stated: “The G7 Summit was the biggest operation in Devon and Cornwall Police records, with a total of 6,500 officers and staff at work from all over the UK. We worked very hard to minimise the impact on the neighbourhood around Cornwall, and as part of those works, we enlisted a line of electric Polaris Ranger vehicles to patrol and watch the beaches and other hard to reach areas. Being fully electric off-road vehicles, they were the ideal choice for use on sand. They gave our officers with the ideal answer for maintaining security without sound, pollution or disturbance to the local community.”

The Polaris Ranger EV joins the off-road capabilities of the world’s bestselling UTV, with the delicate operation of an electric vehicle, giving a clean ride with no exhaust fumes, as well as managing disturbance thanks to its whisper-quiet engine sound. Energizing from a standard domestic plug and driven by a single 48-volt, high-efficiency AC-induction motor, the Polaris Ranger demands little maintenance due to its direct drive system with low-noise transmission and gives a usable and practical driving range in even the most challenging work environments. What’s more, the EV claims an impressive 454kg payload capability in addition to a 680kg towing capability and 25.4cm of ground clearance, giving it the most fluid, most competent battery-electric side-by-side in its class.

The new Polaris Ranger EV is available from official Polaris Dealers.

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