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Updated: Dec 8, 2020

You may have overheard ATVs, which stands for all-terrain vehicles, also called "quadbikes." This is about their four wheels, not the capacity to welcome four passengers. ATVs for sale typically contain one passenger – they can be imagined of as a four-wheeled motorcycle intended for offroad settings.

Side by sides and UTVs for sale, on the other hand, usually support two riders "side by side." It's not unusual at all to see UTVs and side by sides that fit four people. Most UTVs don't roll off the line this way, indicating you will need a high-quality roll cage kit to make the leap from two to four.

Where quad bikes for sale are like muscular motorcycles, UTVs and side by sides like the Polaris Ranger are far more similar to rugged two-seater (or 4) "mini jeeps."

Intended Use

It's more obvious to see ATVs used for pleasure. This is because they're typically more rapid than UTVs, feeling more like motorcycles. Also, ATVs aren't able to transport/tow as greatly as UTVs, though there are an abundance of workarounds to at least increase your carrying capacity by a small amount.

UTVs and side by sides are meant not just to get you to the job site, but to do the work in many cases. They can be outfitted with larger storage solutions, winches, powerful lights, farming implements, snow plows, and more.


ATVs employ a handlebar setup for steering, which is another factor that makes them more like offroad motorcycles. Depending on the kind of ATV, you may have a thumb throttle and/or different shifters accessible from your handlebars, along with the brakes, of course.

UTVs employ steering wheels, though you might find them to be a little bit of a deviation from your car on the first couple practices. There are lots of aftermarket variations to improve your offroad abilities, give you an advantage on race day, and/or produce some extra leg room.

Overall Experience

For a more "athletic" adventure in terms of wrestling with your steering system, offering quick decisions at tremendous speeds and pulling more dynamic manoeuvres, it's ATV all the way. You're not running with a roll cage, either, presenting this as a truly open-air experience.

That isn't to say that there aren't loads of thrills to be had in the UTV/side by side, however, because these even more powerful offroad adventurers were built for severe abuse, meaning you will encounter plenty of thumping around.

Can't choose between an ATV and a class-leading side by side like the Polaris Ranger? Now that you know how these two types of trail-pulsating vehicles stack up in different areas, it should positively be easier for you to make the call. Now, ATVs are more for fun, and UTVs are more for business. That said, if you like to play but also have plenty of work to do about your property, then there are loads of UTVs with more than enough vigour to float your boat.

If you are looking for a Polaris Ranger UK, Beckside Machinery are official Polaris UK Dealers They stock the full range of UTV for sale, including the Hunter Edition Polaris Ranger for sale.

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