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Polaris Support Charity With Off-Road Vehicles

Future Terrain is an armed forces vocational transition and rehabilitation charity, supporting those who have served their country to transition to the next phase of their lives and open new possibilities for the future. Initially established in 2016 by Grant White, a 25-year Royal Marine and lower-leg amputee, Future Terrain has become one of the principal in the world to aid the rehabilitation and recovery of injured, wounded, and suffering service workers through motorsport adventures and excursions.

This year, Future Terrain has been using Polaris Off-Road Vehicles to give driving-related engineering training, qualification improvement and pre-event terrain testing to qualify participants for the experience of a lifetime in Morocco – the Fennec Endeavour – from 18-25 September.

In the beginning phases of the project, before the event in Morocco, the Future Terrain company invited its participants to several specific practice events in the UK to build their driving and piloting abilities, as well as gain helpful off-road vehicle accreditation and first aid qualifications through Lantra and the Auto-Cycle Union (ACU). This ensures all participants are fully implemented with the right piloting skills to complete the Fennec Endeavour safely and opens the doors to future possibilities with their new skill set and abilities.

The route in Morocco will take the Polaris quad riders from the starting point in Aït Benhaddou to Ouarzazate, blending technical tracks, colossal sand dunes, off-road vehicle passages, and including an overnight stop out in the dunes, under the stars. In sum, there will be five Polaris RZRs available for the team when they arrive in Morocco – four RZR Trail S 1000 off-road vehicles and one four-seater RZR model – waiting to take on the challenge.

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