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Power Harrow Cultivation Device

The subject of these compact tractor attachments could even be a tractor with its own on-board electronics, on-board computer and power socket, during which the voltage present at the power socket voltage are often controlled so as that in a rotary power harrow for sale with an electrical motor for driving the tool gyro, the speed of the tool gyroscope are often adapted to the circumstances. This compact tractor attachments teaches that no complex drive train with drive shafts is required for a rotary tractor power harrow or for a folding power power harrow for sale. Rather, the quality in folding rotary power harrow for tractor halves can each be driven by an electrical motor. during a rotary tractor power harrow, which can be used with the proposed tractor, only one tool gyro is driven by the electrical motor and thus the drive torque via gears also transferred to the respective adjacent gears and kit gyros. The disadvantage here is that the gears must be designed very stable because they transmit the drive torque for several tool gyros got to . With a 4 m wide rotary power harrow for sale, the first gearwheel within the drivetrain must be almost 9 times more stable than required.

The object of the compact tractor attachments is to provide a rotary harrow, during which no oversizing of components like gears and tines is required, during which the working effect is individually adjustable, during which the power consumption is extremely low.

The fact that each tool gyro is driven by a separate motor , are often dispensed with additionally to the quality powertrain on the quality gears through which the drive from the tool gyroscope to the tool gyroscope. Each tool gyro with motor only must be designed for the individual loads. On additional drive elements are often omitted.

According to the compact tractor attachments, it's further as long because the space of the adjacent drive shafts from one another is greater than the diameter of the orbit of the tines of the rotatable tool gyros. This measure ensures that each tool gyro can work with tines independently of the adjacent tool gyroscope with prongs. The rotational speed needn't be synchronous, the individual tool gyros are often operated at different speeds.

With regard to the drive is assumed that the power supply to the electrical motors via a generator, which is preferably associated with the tractor or tillage implement. The generator are often driven directly from the tractor engine, but even be a neighborhood of a tillage implement with a propeller shaft, which transmits the power of the tractor engine to the generator.

In addition, it's proposed that a minimum of 1 drive controller is interposed between the generator and thus the electrical motors which the engine speed is controlled by a controller such the speed of the tool gyros corresponds to the set, programmed or the position determined by a digital determination system, e.g. a GPS receiver, received specifications. relying on these specifications, the speed of the tool gyroscope is thus increased or reduced, as required by this circumstances. These specifications can come from a surface file, they are going to even be programmed or simply manually converted.

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