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Power Harrow: Uses

Many smallholders are familiar with the use of power harrows for gardens. These compact tractor attachments are ideal for seedbed preparation and controlling weeds. Additionally, their design means that they are great for other jobs beyond the smallholding.

Let’s take a look at the design of a power harrow for sale. A power harrow implements a series of vertical tines, which are connected to horizontal axes. As these axes revolve, they till the soil to an alterable level. A mesh roller proceeds these axes and further tampers the earth, thus sealing the surface. This produces a surface that’s ideal for seeding and numerous other purposes.

“A power harrow’s capability to create perfectly levelled, weed-free soil makes it an excellent choice for many jobs beyond the smallholding garden.”

A power harrow’s aptitude to produce perfectly levelled, weed-free earth means that it’s a great compact tractor attachment for sale for many jobs beyond the market garden. This is particularly true since it combines the levelling and texturizing tasks of a tractor tiller with the finishing particulars of a tractor chain drag.

A compact tractor power harrow can be used for:

  • Preparation of maintenance of soil

  • The groundwork for construction sites

  • Horse riding arena dragging and maintenance.

  • Dragging and upkeep of horse riding areas.

  • Road construction and maintenance of dirt trails

  • Sports field upholding

  • Quad bike track care.

Whether you are after purchasing a compact tractor attachment to do one specific task or looking to save both space, and money, with a compact tractor implement that can do several jobs, then power harrows are worth checking out.

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