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Power harrows for soil cultivation

Good crop development relies upon consistent germination and optimum seedbed preparation. FARMMASTER power harrow for sale maximises your crops' productivity through their levelling, crumbling, and packing activity.

Power Harrows and Soil Cultivation

Experts recommend using power harrows over more traditional farming methods, such as tillage and no-till farming, for weed control and the preparation of seedbeds. A power harrow uses multiple tines aligned vertically to mill the soil lightly to your required depth. A power harrow has the advantage over a rotary tiller because it neither compacts nor turns over the lower layer of soil; there is no hardpan formation of the earth, and dormant weeds don't surface. Power harrows seal the earth's surface by lightly compacting the soil, which prevents moisture loss and creates a pleasing mesh pattern in the ground. A power harrow is brilliant for getting rid of any weeds visible in between rows, as the power harrow tines quickly uproot them.

Using a power harrow to level the ground

A power harrow is the ideal compact tractor attachment for transforming the rough ground into flat weed-free ground. The power harrow works by rotating the verticle tines in a horizontal motion. These tines tend to be very durable, so even if they hit a rock, for example, it won't cause much of a problem. The finished mesh pattern makes the earth look attractive.

Riding Arenas

The power harrow simultaneously performs a levelling and texturising effect, so the finish looks similar to what you'd achieve using the tractor attachments of a rotary tiller and a chain drag, which makes a power harrow particularly good for equestrian land.

FARMMASTER Compact Tractor Power Harrows For Sale

FARMMASTER has three types of tractor power harrow for sale; these are the PH-90, PH-110, and the PH-130 power harrows, and their numbers correspond with their working width, which is 0.9, 1.1 and 1.3 metres, respectively. FARMMASTER is a solid brand that's becoming increasingly popular due to its quality, reliable and affordable compact tractor attachments for sale.

For more information, please check out the compact tractor attachments page, or call us on 01673 828965.

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