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Pulsar Fusion, an industry leader in hybrid rocket technology, has partnered with Polaris Ranger Diesel UTV to facilitate the testing and advancement of its rocket propulsion systems.

Established by Richard Dinan, an enterprising entrepreneur and nuclear fusion researcher, Pulsar Fusion is at the forefront of hybrid rocket technology, striving to revolutionize space exploration through cutting-edge propulsion systems and pioneering research on clean energy applications derived from fusion energy.

The decision to integrate the Polaris Ranger UTV into their operations was driven by unique challenges and specific requirements for their mobile testing rig. After encountering a setback with their previous towing vehicle, a Range Rover, due to a rear differential break, Pulsar Fusion sought a versatile alternative that perfectly aligned with their testing operations.

"Rocket testing and fusion energy are not commonly associated with the Polaris Ranger, but that's precisely why it's so remarkable. When Pulsar approached us for a solution, it was gratifying to provide a vehicle that can easily adapt to their niche requirements," said Ed Davies, a Polaris dealer at Taylors Tools.

A key factor in Pulsar Fusion's selection of the Ranger Diesel was its impressive 1,134kg towing capacity, enabling the transportation of their heavy rocket test rig and feed systems to remote test locations without limitations. Furthermore, the vehicle's robust construction, powerful engine, high ground clearance, and features like on-demand all-wheel drive allow it to navigate challenging and rugged terrains typically encountered in remote military tracks.

The Ranger's open cargo bed facilitates the safe transportation of gases utilized in Pulsar Fusion's experiments, which may pose hazards if transported in enclosed spaces. Additionally, the vehicle's impressive 720kg payload capacity allows for the movement of spare tools and emergency fire and safety equipment. The full cab configuration equipped on the Ranger Diesel provides a secure working environment for the operation of firing controls, with the Polaris Lock&Ride tip-out windshield adding an extra layer of protection during rocket launches.

Beyond rocket testing, Pulsar Fusion utilizes the Ranger at its Bletchley facility for transporting heavy vacuum components within the industrial estate, leveraging the vehicle's large cargo bed and added heavy-duty winches on the front and rear.

"We have conducted firings at COTEC with the Ministry of Defence and at the RAF base in Westcott, and the Ranger has been an impeccable mobile feed system, almost as if it were designed specifically for Pulsar. Our testing equipment and safety protocols demand specific requirements, and having a vehicle like the Ranger that can easily adapt is a significant advantage," stated Richard Dinan,

CEO of Pulsar Fusion.

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