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When it comes to exploring the hills of Lake District, only the toughest and most versatile vehicles can survive. Fortunately, POLARIS SPORTSMAN 570 quad bikes have passed the test with flying colors. Just ask Tom and Charlene, two farmers from Green Bank Farm who rely on these vehicles to navigate the harsh terrain while tending to their sheep.

According to Tom and Charlene, these Polaris quad bikes for sale are the perfect machine for the job. With its responsive and agile performance and generous ground clearance, it can handle any type of terrain the Lakeland Hills can throw at it. The A-Arm articulation also keeps the vehicle level on steep banks and over big rocks, adding an extra level of safety that's essential in such a tough environment.

Switching from 2WD to 4WD is a breeze and the grippy tires make sure you won't get stuck in any situation. It’s also got an impressive towing capacity, with the ability to haul a fully loaded trailer of ewes, lambs or any other equipment up a steep hill. To sweeten the deal, the heated handlebars are a godsend, especially on those colder days.

One quirk the farmers noted was the height of the wind shield, which doesn't quite provide the necessary protection for their faces. But that is a small negative when compared to the impressive list of positives this vehicle brings.

Tom and Charlene also have the Polaris Ranger Diesel, which is just as capable, versatile, and hardy as the other vehicle. They couldn't imagine going one day without these reliable warriors on their farm.

Are you ready to explore the wild beauty of the Lakeland Hills like Tom and Charlene? If so, then you'll be thrilled to know that both the Polaris Ranger and Sportsman Quadbikes are available at Beckside Machinery, the official Polaris UK dealer. With these versatile and hardy machines, you'll feel safe and confident navigating any terrain the Lake District can throw at you. So, gear up and get ready for an unforgettable adventure with Polaris Off-Road Vehicles.

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