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Revolutionizing Farm Heritage: Compact Tractors in a Modernized Vintage Haven

At New House Farm in Nordan, nestled north of Leominster in Herefordshire, a novel idea is taking root. David Saer, the farm's proprietor, is spearheading an initiative to construct a bespoke shed dedicated to housing his collection of vintage compact tractors. The aim is to replace an existing Dutch barn and a single-storey outbuilding that currently stand on the site, just off the B4361.

Wooden barn, farmhouse, and compact tractors

The proposed structure, measuring 12 by 9 metres and boasting an eave height of 3.6 metres, will be a steel-framed marvel. It's not just any ordinary shed; this one will feature state-of-the-art underfloor heating. This innovative touch is specifically designed to preserve the pristine condition of the vintage compact tractors.

Saer's vision, detailed in his planning application, includes an insulated profiled sheeting for the roof and upper walls. This insulation isn't just for show; it's a critical component that ensures a continuous, temperature-controlled environment, perfect for the efficiency of the underfloor heating system.

The design submitted suggests a spacious interior, capable of accommodating up to eight tractors. Moreover, the shed will blend seamlessly with the surroundings, thanks to a thoughtful plan to screen it from the roadside view with new planting.

But that's not all. The application also proposes the addition of a new oak-framed carport, elegantly situated on the opposite side of the farmhouse. This development promises to be more than just a functional space; it's set to be a harmonious blend of utility and aesthetic appeal, a testament to the farm's commitment to preserving the past while embracing modern advancements.

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