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Ride on lawn mowers, a lawn tractor or a grarden tractor?

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Ride-on lawn mowers

If your area is less than an acre of lawn, a ride-on mower that has the cutting deck towards the front, or in front of the front wheels is a safe bet. The engine remains at the back and they’re small, manoeuvrable machines, that are ideal for cutting round flower beds, trees and under furniture.

What to look for in a Ride On Mower for sale

Go for a ride on lawn mower with mulching capacity. Mulching chops the grass into tiny pieces and blows it onto the lawn so that it rots down. This means you don’t have to buy a grass box and disposing of the cuttings.

If you have lots of trees and a complicated garden then consider a zero turning circle mower so that you can cut the grass easily around any obstacles and corner smoothly.

Lawn Tractor

Speaking generally, a lawn tractor is bigger than a ride-on mower. They have an engine in front and the seat back, with rotary cutting blades located under the seat. They will have more powerful engines than the ride-on mowers, which makes them suitable for larger areas and tougher terrain.

These devices are perfect if you have a mix of flat lawn and rugged paddock to deal with. However, they might not be the best suited for sloping lawns.

Although a lawn tractor are costly, they aren't any more expensive to maintain than the smaller ride-on mowers.

But you’ll need to watch some things, including the battery charge and pressure of the tyres, to make sure your lawn tractor starts easily and provides your lawn with an even cut.

Garden Tractors

If you need to do more than mow then consider purchasing a garden tractor for sale, that is capable of handling more than five acres.

Garden tractors generally come with a built in tow-bar and their power source at the back, so you can attach various accessories that enable you to use it for far more than mowing. Trailers and grass collectors are reasonably common choices, but you can also purchase get leaf blowers and chemical sprayers, too.

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