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Rotary Power harrow

The compact tractor attachment relates to a rotary power harrow for sale with a plurality of tool rotors arranged during a row running transversely to the direction of travel, which have shafts mounted during a machine frame on which tine-bearing tool carriers are located, a protective screen covering the tool carriers being arranged on the machine frame front of the tool carriers.

The tool carriers and therefore the shafts of a rotary power harrow are endangered due to the positive drive of the rotors therein solid pieces, especially stones, are clamped between the tool carriers and therefore the frame of the machine. The jamming of stones and therefore the like can easily cause damage to the tool carrier, the tine attachment and therefore the frame, which is typically designed as a gear box. It also can happen that gyro shafts and / or their bearings are damaged. Protective devices for the tool carriers have therefore been created which are intended to stop the penetration of solid pieces between the frame and therefore the tool carrier.

Soil cultivation devices are known during which the tool carrier is surrounded by a housing which has circular openings. Each tool holder features a circular disc that rotates within an assigned circular opening. within the device consistent with, the circular openings are provided directly within the gear housing, while within the device consistent with an extra box is arranged below a gear box, which surrounds the tool carrier. In both cases, extensive assembly work is required to show the tool carriers.

In the case of a tillage compact tractor attachment of the sort mentioned at the start, the protective screen consists of an angle profile which is combined with a sheet . The lower fringe of the protective screen is slightly below the tool carrier. The tool carriers are rectangular. Such a protective screen has the advantage that the tool carriers are open and freely accessible for possible repair work and for cleaning work. it's disadvantageous that stones and therefore the like can get into the world above the tool carriers by being flung upwards by adjacent tines between the oblong tool carriers or being pushed up by the world moved by the tines.

The compact tractor attachment has for its object to make a rotary power harrow of the sort mentioned in order that with good protection against the ingress of stones and therefore the like between the tool holder and frame, the tool holder are accessible without prior disassembly work and possibly penetrated smaller solid bodies can emerge again.

According to the compact tractor attachment, this object is achieved by that the circumferential surface of the tool carrier is meant as a rotating surface over a minimum of a part of its height which the protective screen features a circumferential adaptation wall up the plane of the tool carrier, the rear fringe of which is brought on the brink of the rotating surfaces and for this purpose has arcuate bulges.

With a rotary power harrow designed during this way, the front area of the space between the tool carriers and therefore the underside of the machine frame is roofed by an essentially coherent surface, in order that stones and therefore the like cannot get into this space during this particularly vulnerable area. Nevertheless, the tool carriers are freely accessible. This makes e.g. the replacement of damaged tines is feasible with minimal assembly effort, even with the particularly advantageous tine fastenings where fasteners like e.g. Screw through the whole support. this sort of attachment is laid out in claim. The free accessibility of the tool carrier allows the fasteners to be pushed through easily. you'll therefore do without special tine attachments, as they might need to be used if the tool carriers weren't accessible from above. it's also possible to disassemble a whole tool holder without removing covers, also as replacing gyro shafts. The tines are often worn to a comparatively small length within the device consistent with the compact tractor attachment, because the duvet of the tool carrier and therefore the frame doesn't cause damage even when the device is during a low position.

Said surface of revolution is preferably a cylindrical surface (claim 2), the tool carrier as an entire being disc-shaped (claim 3). Such a sort of the tool holder is especially simple. It basically consists of a circular plate made from steel. However, the compact tractor attachment also includes other sorts of tool carriers. it's essential that the tool carrier is made at one point as a surface of revolution that extends over the whole circumference.

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