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Selecting the Ideal Polaris RANGER: Your Complete Guide

Choosing the right Polaris RANGER for sale UTV can be quite the challenge, given the extensive range of SXS models available in their collection.

Over two decades ago, Polaris introduced the game-changing RANGER 6×6, setting new standards in the side-by-side sector. To delve deeper into the RANGER's rich history, have a look at our blog post titled '20 Years of RANGER Evolution'.

The current Polaris RANGER series stands out with its unparalleled performance, robustness, and the iconic ride quality it offers in both mid-size and full-size UTV options. What’s more, with choices ranging from petrol, diesel to electric engines, there's a RANGER tailored for every requirement.

Petrol-Powered RANGER Models

Polaris' petrol RANGER lineup is diverse, including the compact mid-size RANGER 570, the robust RANGER 1000, and the premium RANGER XP 1000, along with their Crew versions.

The compact RANGER 570 is a two-seater wonder, boasting a slim width of just 144.5cm, perfect for navigating narrow paths and easy storage in garages or barns. Renowned for its class-leading agility and functionality, the RANGER 570 starts at an RRP of £11,999.

Moving up the range, the RANGER 1000 is Polaris' solution for ultimate full-size performance at an attractive price. It features a specially designed single overhead cam engine, offering smooth, noiseless power and exceptional performance at low speeds, crucial for getting tough jobs done. The RANGER 1000, available in three and six-seat configurations and a Nordic Pro Edition, starts from £16,199.

The top-tier RANGER XP 1000, dubbed the King of UTVs, excels in comfort, work capability, and longevity. Options include the standard model, the Hunter Edition with special Polaris Pursuit Camo bodywork, the Nordic Pro Edition with standard in-cab heater and winch, and a six-seater Crew model. Pricing for the RANGER XP 1000 begins at £18,399.

Diesel RANGER Models

Tailored specifically for UK farmers, the Polaris RANGER Diesel, launched in 2019, serves as the perfect daily work companion. Powered by a three-cylinder Kubota diesel engine, this model promises top-tier performance and durability.

The Deluxe version of the RANGER Diesel offers additional comforts such as LED headlights, enhanced wheels and tyres, a premium steering wheel, contoured seats, an in-cab heater, and a noise reduction system. The advanced RANGER Diesel Deluxe begins at £19,499.

Electric RANGER Models

The latest addition to UK dealers is the electric Ranger XP Kinetic. This model propels the UTV industry forward with its all-electric powertrain, delivering unparalleled capability, durability, and refined performance.

For more detailed insights into the RANGER XP Kinetic, explore our blog story, or visit the 'Getting Started' section for helpful tips on this newest addition to the RANGER series.

As you consider your options for the ideal Polaris RANGER UTV for sale or explore the wide array of Polaris off-road vehicles, including the versatile Polaris Sportsman quadbikes, it's important to know where you can purchase these outstanding machines. Beckside Machinery stands as an official Polaris dealer, offering a comprehensive selection of these vehicles. Their expertise and commitment to quality service ensure you find the perfect match for your off-road adventures. For more information on the available models, pricing, and to make your purchase, visit Beckside Machinery Here, your journey towards owning a premium Polaris vehicle begins with confidence and ease.

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