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stone burier tractor attachments

These compact tractor attachments for sale relates to a stone burier having a processing chamber during which an object or material is processed, a primary wall surrounding the processing chamber, an inlet opening provided within the lower a part of the processing chamber, communicating the processing chamber with the surface, the inlet opening having a front edge, and a rotary mechanism arranged within the processing chamber, defining an horizontal rotation axis and which causes the acceleration of the thing or material and therefore the projection thereof against the primary wall, where the front edge receives impacts from the thing or material accelerated by the rotary mechanism.

A stone burier for sale of the sort indicated above are known. Preferably they're an agricultural stone burier suitable for being attached to compact tractor, such as a Kioti tractor, or Branson Tractors, and which are wont to process objects and/or materials in crop fields, whereby they're driven by the compact tractor through said crop fields. they will have some independent power supply, but preferably they typically receive the required power to maneuver their mechanisms from the compact tractor for sale, which supplies the required power to the agricultural machine by means of mechanical, hydraulic and electrical, etc. connections.

Typical samples of this sort of stone burier for sale are organic waste crushers, rotary tillers and stone buriers. This way, the objects or materials to be crushed can, for instance , be organic pruning remains, clumps of earth and/or loose earth mixed with stones, etc. In other words, the fabric or object processed are often discrete objects, like small twigs, or semi-continuous elements like loose earth, or mixtures of both, like earth mixed with stones.

Usually, the processing chamber may be a substantially cylindrical chamber having its axis substantially parallel to (or coinciding with) the rotational axis of the rotary mechanism. In these circumstances, the primary wall, which is that the side wall (or one among the side walls) of the cylindrical chamber, is typically the highest wall or includes the highest wall of the processing chamber.

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