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The L-Series Kubota Tractor - Part One

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Maximum productivity and co from a class-leading compact tractors range.

For every day, demanding tasks, you need a compact tractor that won’t let you down. The new Kubota Tractor L2 Series offers an unbeatable combination of class-leading features to make your day more comfortable and more productive.

Responsive control from the L2 Kubota Tractor

The L2 Series compact tractors include a choice of transmissions including HST Plus for electric hydro dual-speed power – finished with a load sensing feature. Plus, the Kubota compact tractor includes Kubota’s Glideshift for clutchless shifting on the fly or economical Fully Synchronised Transmission (FST).

This Kubota Compact Tractor Has Clean power

A variety of four Kubota diesel engines (ranging in power from 35–60 HP) produce class-leading performance, cleaner emissions and outstanding fuel conservation.

Extremely comfortable

L2 Series Kubota Tractors for sale feature an integrated, ergonomically created cab that’s roomy and comfy with simple controls and excellent all-round visibility.

Superior productivity the Kubota tractor series incorporates a powerful 3-point linkage to provide effortless operation for compact tractor attachments and up to 1750kg lift capability. Twin auxiliary valves are standard, accompanying an independent live rear PTO system that can engage/disengage on the fly.

Exceptionally efficient

The highly manoeuvrable L2 Kubota Tractor includes power steering, 4WD as standard. Kubota invented front loaders are available to equal performance to ensure accurate control and easy operation.

All the power, response and productivity you want

Choose from three transmission options to make the most of the power generated by Kubota’s extraordinarily efficient diesel engines.


Each Kubota compact tractor has a Three Vortex Combustion System (E-TVCS) which allows for improved airflow into the combustion chamber to provide higher power, efficiency and cleaner emissions. It also produces less noise and vibration, adheres to the EC Emission Test (97/68/EC) and complies with Stage III A European emissions regulations for 37kW engines or above (L2501). L2602 Kubota tractors highlights a Kubota Common Rail direct injection engine which gives more significant fuel savings and lower emissions while keeping a high level of power and torque. Its blend of the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Muffler and Exhaust Gas Recirculation system (EGR) decreases emissions so that the engines compliant with the Tier IV emission regulation.


FST Fully Synchronised Main and Shuttle Transmission on the Kubota tractor L-series gives economical FST that smoothly delivers 16 forward and 16 reverse gears (inc. creep speeds) while moving.

GST Glide Shift Transmission

Kubota tractors UK exclusive, highly responsive GST presents 24 forward and 16 reverse gears (inc. creep speeds) with the clutchless operation. The electronically regulated hydraulic system also enables you to change on the go.

HST Plus Hydrostatic Transmission

Automatic control of both the HST pump and motor give you optimal execution, regardless of the task, working conditions, or driver expertise. Also, HST incorporates a highly responsive hydraulic servo mechanism that lowers the amount of pressure required to depress the HST pedal.

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Beckside Machinery is a retailer of high-quality used Kubota tractors.

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