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The Modern tractor hedge cutter

Years ago, a tractor hedge cutter almost had to be a permanent feature on compact tractors. They were bulky, almost always required counterweights fitted to the tractor, and had a high potential to scratch the tractor paintwork, which was always a pain if you had a smart new compact tractor. Plus, they were pricey, which simply isn’t the case nowadays.

In contrast to the older technology, a modern compact tractor hedge cutter for sale is relatively cheap, lightweight, simple to attach and remove without scratching your valuable tractor, and put simply, they are fun!

Using a tractor hedge cutter

When starting out with a compact tractor hedge cutter, the trick is to stay away from the roadside areas until you’ve mastered the art of the cut, which shouldn’t take too long with a little bit of practise. A tip is to make sure that you don’t try to take too much off the hedge in one pass, until you get used to it. It’s much better to do an extra run, because you can always take a bit more off, but you can’t stick it back on if you cut off too much!

Once you’ve mastered the basics of cutting a hedge using these compact tractor attachments, you’ll be ready to tackle any roadside hedges. People want to know if hedge cutting with the tractor attachments makes a mess on the roadside. Expert advice is to take the first run about three inches about the final cut line, and then do the top side followed by the bottom side, before doing a slow final cut on the top. This way, all the bits of hedge are chopped up and it leaves them inside the hedge.

Is a compact tractor hedge cutter worth the money?

John, a local smallholder has been cutting his own hedges for around 10-years. He purchased a compact tractor hedge cutter when his local contractor sadly passed away and he couldn’t find anyone that did a decent job afterwards. He said that his cutting costs around £10 per hour in diesel, depreciation and overall running costs. In all of the years that he’d been cutting his hedges, he’s only had to purchase a new set of flails and some oil. When you think that a local contractor can charge an average of £30-40 per hour, then investigating a compact tractor hedge cutter for sale is a potentially decent investment.

Beckside Machinery have in-stock one of the UK’s most comprehensive ranges of compact tractor hedge cutters for sale. Also, they are great to visit if you need service, repair, or a new set of flails for your existing tractor hedge cutter.

Click to check out their comprehensive tractor hedge cutter range now.

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