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Robert and Dave Cannon at Cannon Hall Farm are still using the Polaris Ranger around the 125-acre Farm a year after receiving their first Ranger EV as a birthday gift from dad Roger.

The team has been jam-packed with their famous and ever-developing Farm featured on television shows like Friday on the Farm and Summer on the Farm. Cannon Hall Farm received a Ranger Diesel back in January of this year, ready to assist.

"Our first Polaris utility vehicle was a great experience - we were really impressed with Polaris' quality. It's been a great experience to have the Diesel this year. It's so flexible, so usable, and so capable. Being able to trust the diesel engine in the Ranger has been great, and the bed is fantastic for carrying heavy loads."

Rob the farmer

At Cannon Hall Farm, the Ranger Diesel has proven itself to be the ultimate agricultural workhorse. Its large cargo bed has a capacity of 435kg, making it suitable for transporting animal feed and supplies at Cannon Hall Farm. Keeping hundreds of animals and reptiles under tailored, high-quality care is no mean feat at Cannon Hall Farm.

The 125 acres of the Farm have a number of less accessible areas that cannot be reached by traditional 4WD vehicles. Due to its 33cm ground clearance, electronic power steering, and 33cm of ground clearance, the Ranger Diesel excels in this area, allowing Roger and the team to ride the Farm all day.

"Whether driving off road or travelling on roads from field to field, the Ranger Diesel inspires confidence, not just when driving off road, but also when traveling on the road. We've never had an off-road vehicle as robust as this!”

Farmer Rob

As well as being an excellent helping hand for daily farm life, Dave and Rob have recently come up with a unique way to use Whenever we have events, concerts, etc., the Ranger Diesel is handy for a variety of things, but we like to use it as a bar on wheels whenever we have events. We've found that the Ranger is a perfect way to store and move all the cold drinks. If we run out, we can just drive back and refill - no more wheelbarrows running back and forth!"

Farmer Rob

Cannon Hall Farm has used the Ranger Diesel for years now and it has never failed us despite putting it through its paces. With its versatility, we can't live without this well-built machine."

Farmer Dave

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