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Things you shouldn’t do on your compact tractor

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Compact tractors are, for some, indispensable pieces of equipment. Offering versatility for farmers, construction sites, homeowners and more, with the right attachment there isn’t anything a compact tractor can’t do.

But just because these machines are small in size doesn’t mean that you can throw caution to the wind. Precautions, restrictions, and guidelines must still be adhered to, not only for your safety and others but also for the safety of the machine!

Below we’ve provided some hints and tips of what NOT to do on your compact tractor.

  • Safety first. Always make sure you operate your subcompact tractor safely, like anything it is your responsibility to know everything about the vehicle which you are operating, so read up on the safety aspects within the owners-manual (a manufacturer's guide will be available with all compact tractors for sale) and stick to what they say!

  • Never wear loose clothing or have long hair flowing freely. It’s awful to think about but becoming trapped in equipment and attachments which you are using is more likely to happen with loose-fitting clothes and long hair, so make sure hair is tied back and you have appropriate and suitable clothing.

  • Don’t let your compact tractor go to wreck and ruin. You have a responsibility to regularly check and maintain your small tractor to keep it in good working order. It also helps provide peace of mind knowing that tyres are inflated as they should be, hydraulics are free from leaks, the operator’s platform is free from debris, etc.

  • No riders allowed. This is an important one and one which we can’t stress enough. Most subcompact tractors aren’t safe or equipped to deal with onboard passengers, especially children. Don’t expose yourself to the risks of someone falling and getting trapped under the wheel, or being exposed to an increase in noise, etc. There have even been reported instances where passengers have been struck by objects and accidents occurring as the operator has become distracted. There’s one seat in a compact tractor for a reason.

  • Don’t think you know it all. Every compact tractor for sale is different, reading the user manual before turning the key and getting started is a must!

  • Don’t jump from the cab. Use access steps and handle holds, using the rear side cab door where possible.

  • Avoid driving near ditches and other slippery terrains as no matter how sturdy you believe the machine to be; it will overturn. Make sure machinery also has Roll-over Protective Systems (RoPs), or at minimum a safety cab roll bar, to reduce harm.

  • Don’t speed! Pushing your compact tractor to the limit will have adverse effects on the wear and tear of the engine as well as on heaters etc.!

  • Don’t run a tractor down a slope to start it! Yes, we have heard of this happening and trust us, small tractors are not like cars, they cannot be jump-started in this way.

  • Never work underneath a raised load, or work near overhead power lines when using high reaching machinery.

  • Don’t back drag with front cylinders at full extension. At full extension, if anything pulls or snags, your cylinder will crack causing hydraulic fluid to leak and more than likely you will need a replacement cylinder asap. Where possible back drag with the back end of the bucket, and slowly!

  • Don’t hitch and unhitch attachments without using the right systems, operating these from the correct positions.

  • Don’t jump straight into the cab and drive off. Use your mirrors, check your brakes - just like a car you need to do your safety checks.

It’s important to remember that no matter their size, these are powerful machines and they need to be operated safely.

At Beckside Machinery our team is fully trained and experienced in all makes and models of compact tractors, and we’re on hand to provide you with the best advice and guidance.

Call our team now on 01673 878 965 to see how we can help you.

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