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towed behind stone burier

According to one aspect of these compact tractor attachments there's provided a machine for preparation of soil comprising a soil lifting means for lifting a layer of soil, a soil breaking means for ending the layer of soil, and a frame, the soil lifting means and soil breaking means being attached to the frame, characterised therein said soil breaking means comprises an online or grader, the soil being dropped onto or thrown towards said web or grader such impact of the soil with said web or grader causes a reduction of the soil into smaller particles, and wherein the stone burier comprises an online or grader for grading the soil particles into coarse and fine particles, the soil layer being re-laid onto the exposed soil bed such the coarse particles are situated underneath the fine particles within the re-laid soil layer. Suitably, the stone burier is ready-made to be towed behind a Kioti tractor unit. because the stone burier moves during a forward direction, the soil lifting means lifts a surface layer of soil, thereby exposing a soil bed or subsoil bed. The soil layer is choppy into smaller sized particles by the soil breaking means, and is then re-laid onto the soil bed. By lifting and ending the upper layer of soil during a neighborhood of land, the soil layer are often weakened into smaller sized soil particles. Ideally, the soil layer is lifted to a height above a height of the primary undisturbed soil layer.

  • Ideally, the web/grader for grading the soil particles also performs the function of ending the soil. The soil layer is Ideally choppy into coarse and fine soil particles.

  • Ideally, the soil layer is broken by being dropped from a height above the height of the primary undisturbed soil layer.

  • Ideally, said lifting means comprises one or a plurality of shares, arranged to cut into the soil layer because the machine is drawn during a forward direction.

  • Ideally, the soil lifting means comprises a conveyor. Ideally, the conveyor carries the soil during a direction upwardly and towards the rear of the machine. Ideally, the conveyor is angled to convey the soil to a height above the height of the primary undisturbed soil layer. The conveyor can even be a rubber conveyor, although any suitable material can even be used. Ideally, the conveyor is driven by an influence begin shaft of the compact tractor.

  • The soil breaking means may further comprise one or a plurality of rotors or tines arranged to interrupt the soil layer because it travels up the conveyor. One or a plurality of rollers can even be included to crush lumps of soil.

  • Ideally, the web or grader is situated under an upper end of the conveyor. the web or grader can even be vibrated. the web or grader can even be given one or a plurality of agitators or scrubbers.

  • Ideally the soil breaking means comprises two web or grader devices. a primary web or grader device can even be arranged substantially horizontally and a second web or grader can even be arranged substantially vertically or at a little , Ideally rearwards, angle to the vertical. Ideally, the second web/grader is found above and towards the rear of the first web/grader. Ideally the second web/grader features a forward face adapted in use to manoeuvre upwards.

  • Ideally the stone burier comprises an additional soil breaking means mounted forwardly of the first soil breaking means for partially cutting or breaking the soil before it passes to the soil lifting means. Ideally, the further soil breaking means comprises one or more discs or a roller which may be adjustable to manage the depth of the shares. Ideally, the roller incorporates one or more discs, or tines spaced across its width.

  • The relatively fine parts may occupy mainly an upper portion of the re-laid soil layer to a depth 0 to 90 mm away from the surface of the re-laid soil layer, although there is no limit to the depth of the finer particles inside the re-laid layer

  • Ideally, the soil layer drops onto the web/grader at buttocks of web/grader. Ideally, the simplest soil particles fall through a rear most end of the web/grader and thus the coarsest particles fall through or from a front of the web/grader, such because the web/grader moves forward the coarsest particles are deposited directly onto the soil bed or subsoil bed, and successively finer soil particles are re-laid over the coarse particles because the stone burier moves forward.

  • Some, or most of the surface trash and crop residue also can be carried by the web or grader to be deposited under the finer particles. On stony soil, the larger stones can even be deposited under the smaller stones.

  • There can even be provided a levelling device, Ideally following the web/grader, for levelling out a surface of the re-laid soil layer.

  • There can even be provided, at a buttocks of the stone burier, a seed planter apparatus, for planting or sowing seeds onto the prepared soil.

  • A buttocks of the frame can even be supported by a plurality of wheels. The plurality of wheels can even be Ideally situated at a foothold rearward of a foothold at which the soil layer is re-laid, such the wheels travel over the re-laid soil layer. The wheels may serve to compress and also consolidate the re-laid soil layer.

These compact tractor attachments for sale can even be fully mounted to a tractor and be capable of being lifted by a tractor.

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