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tractor backhoe loader Attachments

Tractor backhoe loader vehicles, as an example , require compact construction supported centre mounting and troughs. Telescopic handler vehicles require a narrow, high silhouette with a touch side boom overhang, or a coffee construction with lateral extensions, relying on the type of design.

In addition, in most areas of use of construction machinery there is a requirement for a minimum of 1 power take-off, as an example for the hydraulics of working machines. the aim that the reverse transmission possesses to satisfy is therefore very different relying on the requirements of the structural kind of the vehicle. This requirement must be satisfied within the range of the axial design length and thus the width of the transmission.

The first mentioned kind of transmission has different requirements for the position of the driven shafts and thus the amount of forward and reverse shift gears required.

For example, the compact tractor backhoe loader transmission has the necessity for a quick distance between the drive shaft and thus the driven shaft (rear to the rear wheel), which depends on the position within the vehicle and its mounting space requirements. this means that the engine / transmission unit must be seated as high as possible. For tractor backhoe loaders, most rear wheels are clearly larger than the front wheels, so as that the vertical position of the rear axle is clearly above the vertical position of the front axle. the standard spacing thus determined is from 160 mm to 180 mm within the vertical direction with no transverse offset or with alittle transverse offset.

A compact tractor backhoe attachment purchasable is usually equipped with connectable front wheel drives, which are located deeper within the transmission compared to the follower heading towards the rear wheels, supported the smaller front wheels. Since the engine flange fastenings are located on the front side of the transmission.

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