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Tractor dealers & Polaris Dealers UK

While continuing to grow as tractor dealers - we received an award for the number one Kioti tractor dealer in the UK recently - recently, we decided to become Polaris Dealers, as we think that these excellent off-road vehicles compliments any farm or smallholding.

A compact tractor is an essential piece of machinery for managing farms and smallholdings, especially when it's kitted out with the right kind of compact tractor attachments; including compact tractor flail mowers and tractor hedge trimmers for keeping the area neat and trim, you could also use a flail collector on areas such as lawns where you don't want to leave the debris to fertilise the area as it would look untidy, or a compact tractor power sweeper is also a great addition for these purposes on paths, lawns and flat ground.

However, what about when you want to drive around your private wood, or do general chores and carry stuff around the farm while getting in between those tighter spots between buildings, or greenhouses, etc.? Well, a Polaris off-road vehicle would be an ideal addition for these purposes. Besides, you can get them road-registered or Agri road-registered if you make trips back and forth to pick up supplies in secluded areas or drop produce off at other people's places. A Polaris Ranger is ideal for this type of work, having ample storage space, which is perfect for putting items such as manure and other smelly stuff that you don't want in your precious car.

A Polaris Ranger, such as a Polaris Ranger Diesel, for example, can also be fitted with a half or a full cab, windscreen wiper kit, etc., so it can be used on rainy days, which we tend to get quite a few of this unpredictably predictable climate.

If you want something besides a compact tractor, then a Polaris UTV is really something to consider, or perhaps a Polaris ATV would be more suited? The Polaris Sportsman is a beast of an ATV, and far from simply being another quad bike for sale, they pack some serious power for all jobs around the farm, particularly if you look at a Polaris Sportsman Agri Model. There's even a mini version of the sportsman, so you can get your kid's quads to match!

At Beckside Machinery, we offer both new and used tractors for sale - UK delivery is available on our stock. New compact tractors include the aforementioned Kioti compact tractors and Branson Tractors. Plus, we have a large stock of second-hand tractors for sale, with brands like Kubota, John Deere, Massey Ferguson, Iseki and other branded used compact tractors for sale.

We also have a small supply of used quads and used UTVs for sale, including used Polaris Rangers. For more information, please browse our website and if you become interested in any of our stock, please call us on 01673 828965, or call us if you are unsure what models best suit your requirements and budget. We'd be happy to help.

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