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Tractor HEdge Cutter - 1

The present invention relates to a mechanized hedge trimmer.

Until now, no system allowed a size job from a micro-tractor or self-propelled mower. By its autonomy of operation and its miniaturization, the device under examination is likely to be installed on all kinds of self-supporting machines.

In addition, the current technique reports in terms of pruning and tractor hedge cutter of machines responding either to the principle of hydraulic spreaders, or to that of circular saws, both likely to crush the obstacles encountered without make a clean cut allowing work in finesse. The devices existing up to now, because they do not use a blade bar, are therefore not suitable for hedges of city dwellers or landscapers for small areas.

It should therefore be made clear that the compact tractor attachments which is the subject of our claims, is not intended to prune trees or do any work of massive brushcutting as the current technique knows how to do it, but is doomed exclusively for pruning garden hedges whose plant diameter cannot exceed 2 to 3 centimeters.

The present invention allows the cutting of hedges from 20 centimeters to 3 meters in height. The diameter of the branches can reach 2 centimeters in softwood and about 1 centimeter for hardwoods.

Pruning is done either vertically or horizontally, as shown in Figure 1.

By its blade bar system, the cut is perfect both in height and depth. Adjustment and installation are simple and require no technicality.

By way of example, FIG. 2 shows the present invention in the normal position, in the slope position (11 ° or 22 ° angle adjustment) and in the slope position or interposed wall (angle adjustment at 11 ° or 22 °).

The raising of the arm and the adjustment of the cut can be manual or hydraulic. It is possible to use any other system having similar functions without this modifying the nature and the function of the present compact tractor attachments for sale.

It operates either manually, or from the fixed control station, placed on the micro-tractor, or on the self-propelled mower.

It attaches either to the rear of a micro-tractor, a Kioti tractor or Branson Tractors, a self-propelled flail mower, or a trailer; in this case, we recommend fixing the load-bearing bars in the middle of the sleepers or on a pre-equipped trailer.

It can also be fixed on any other support. It can receive all kinds of engines, petrol, hydraulic or electric, a platform is provided for this purpose.

Its manufacture can be in steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, plastic, or in any other material known or unknown to date.

In order to establish the claims, it is necessary to highlight the main features of the invention which, assembled together, constitute the novelty of this machine in view of the current state of the technique in the field of tractor hedge cutters.

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