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Tractor implements for Tree Management

With a compact tractor, tree management is relatively simple. This blog will examine three essential compact tractor attachments for working with trees. The following are the three implementations.

  • Backhoe diggers

  • Log splitters

  • Wood chippers

Tree work can be performed with backhoes. Among the best compact tractor backhoe attachments is the BH100 backhoe digger for Branson Tractors. Easily fitted and removed in approximately 5 minutes, this tractor excavator is mounted on a chassis. As standard, the machine comes with a 12" bucket. Other sizes are available. The maximum digging depth is almost 2 metres. Projects that can be performed with a backhoe include removing stumps.

A compact tractor log splitter is a more convenient alternative to chopping wood with an axe or maul. There are several brands available, but we recommend GOLIATH. Their models range up to a 27-ton log splitter with a specially forged wedge that is specially hardened to produce the best splitting action. Power, performance, and durability are the hallmarks of all GOLIATH wood splitters.

Tree chippers and wood chippers are compact tractor attachments used for cutting wood (generally tree limbs or trunks) into smaller woodchips. A PTO wood chipper is particularly effective when performing tree removal due to windfall, rot, or landscaping reasons. For these purposes, the GOLIATH tractor-mounted wood splitter is ideal. With this heavy-duty compact tractor implement, you can load entire trees in pieces up to 5.2" in diameter. They integrate with your compact tractor's 3-point hitch system and PTO so they're easy to transport, operate, and store.

Please contact Beckside Machinery at 01673 828 965 for more information about our compact tractor attachments for sale for tree management.

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