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Kenton Park Estate is a family-owned boutique vineyard located in the South West Coast of England, near to Devon's Exe Estuary, huddled in the gentle foothills of Haldon Forest, exhibiting a truly outstanding area of natural elegance.

Acquired by the Oliphant-Thompson family in 2016, the property holds twenty acres of estate, ten of which are used for the 15,000 vines that are used to produce their own branded sparkling wine, as well as an orchard to make their award-winning HARDCORE sparkling cider.

Following only using Land Rover Defenders around the grounds, the Oliphant-Thompson family were worried about the fumes from their 4×4 poisoning the vines, so they decided to hire a Polaris Ranger EV for a brief period as a move in the right direction. When they had the Ranger EV, they ultimately fell in love with the more petite, quieter and more gentle UTV for sale, and ended up acquiring one of their own several months ago.

"The Polaris Ranger is used for utterly everything! We cannot picture life without it. It's very much a member of the family and our lifestyle here on the property."

Jayne Oliphant-Thompson, Owner of Kenton Park Estate

When Jayne states the Ranger EV is used for utterly everything, she is not kidding! The jobs it is used for vary from delivering the estate's iconic giant deli feast platters from the pantry to the table, to transporting their dogs up to the vines to scatter away any unwanted small visitors. The family also uses it to herd up their Swiss Valais Blacknose Sheep and Pygmy Goats and take any visitors that have a disability around the estate.

"There is no limit to its uses; thanks to the off-road tyres, we can zoom around the estate."

Jayne Oliphant-Thompson, Owner of Kenton Park Estate

And that's isn't all! The Oliphant-Thompson family are already preparing to use the Polaris Ranger EV this summer for their Safari Wine Tours and helping with the harvest season in September, thanks to its towing abilities and narrow width to fit among the vines, making the job much more manageable.

"The wonderful thing about the electric Polaris UTV is that there is never any debate about who left the vehicle without any fuel - this perpetually happens with the Estate's Land Rover Defender. Plus, it doesn't take anything to run - bonus!"

Jayne Oliphant-Thompson, Owner of Kenton Park Estate

The Ranger EV can be purchased from an official Polaris UK Dealer.

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