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Updated: Dec 8, 2020


Known for its remote, unforgiving terrain and polar bears, Svalbard could even be a Norwegian island situated between mainland Norway and thus the North Pole – it’s one among the world’s most northernmost inhabited areas and also home to a POLARIS RANGER EV

The POLARIS RANGER EV belongs to Hurtigruten, the foremost important travel company in Norway and thus the foremost important employer in Svalbard. Owning three hotels on the island, kind of restaurants, a lunch bar, two shops – which sell expedition and safety equipment – and thus the Polaris dealer, IGP. Hurtigruten Svalbard is additionally liable for operating the Culture House.

Kjetil Viklund, head at IGP, said: “We used the POLARIS RANGER EV tons for moving things from our storage unit to the shop and thus the opposite way around . We also use it as a symbol unit for our customers. it is also handy once we've special guests to the island who can borrow it as a form on transport.”

The features of the POLARIS RANGER EV lend themselves to creating it a useful machine for the corporate .

“It features an honest loading capacity and is true for bringing goods from our storage unit to our shop. It’s really comfortable for the journey and a passenger and provides us shelter from the weather – with average temperatures between minus 9 and minus 16 degrees Celsius cover is appreciated. It’s also very quiet and sometimes it’s easier to use the RANGER instead of a car.”

With the importance of maintaining the biodiversity of the island at the centre of inhabitants minds, the foremost target on the environment and limiting humans impact is critical .

With stunning scenery, a highly diverse and concentration of wildlife and amazing experiences on offer, Svalbard is quickly cementing its place on the tourism map, but with this is often often often the responsibility of ensuring that the environment remains central to operations.

“For me, electric powered vehicles are the end of the day and an environmental focus is extremely important – also all know that fossil fuels won't last forever. In my mind, it'll take many a few years for the market to completely change, but I’m happy that we’ve started.”

Also offering petrol and diesel engines for the RANGER, Polaris celebrated rolling the one-millionth RANGER machine off the assembly line in 2017 and 2018 marks 20 years since the utility vehicle was introduced to the Polaris line-up. Forming a key an area of the Polaris line , the RANGER® is employed everywhere the earth for a variety of tasks.

Want a POLARIS RANGER EV UK? Beckside Machinery are officially Polaris UK Dealers. We have several types of fully customisable Polaris Ranger EV for sale, along with Polaris Quads for sale and kids quads for sale.

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