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Vintage Charm Meets Tradition: Norwich Cathedral's Compact Tractor Parade on Plough Sunday

In a captivating display of tradition meets modernity, Norwich Cathedral recently hosted a unique event - a parade of vintage compact tractors, marking the time-honoured Plough Sunday celebrations. This annual festivity, rich in historical significance, celebrates the enduring spirit of the farming community as they begin another year of hard work and hopeful harvests.

The event this year featured an impressive collection of compact tractors, brought together by the Starting Handle Club Norfolk. Adding to the charm, the Dean of Norwich, the Very Rev Dr Andrew Braddock, and the Cathedral’s canon precentor, the Rev Canon Aidan Platten, took to the driver's seats of two compact tractors, leading a delightful procession around the Cathedral Close. This procession was not just a showcase of quaint machinery, but it also symbolised the enduring link between age-old traditions and contemporary life.

The day's festivities culminated in a special Evensong service, which included the ceremonial blessing of the plough and the seed - a deeply symbolic gesture that echoes the aspirations of the agricultural community for the upcoming year. The historic walls of the Cathedral were filled with the melodic strains of 'We Plough The Fields And Scatter', beautifully performed by the Norwich Cathedral Choir.

Reflecting on the significance of the day, the Dean of Norwich highlighted the crucial role of the farming community in the life of the county and diocese. He noted that the event was more than a celebration; it was a moment to pray for and acknowledge our interconnectedness with the natural world. Thus, Plough Sunday at Norwich Cathedral stood as a vivid reminder of the legacy and evolving story of a community deeply rooted in the soil, yet always looking forward to the future.

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