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What are Power Harrows Used for?

power harrow


Power harrows have become an indispensable tool in modern agriculture, known for their efficiency and versatility in soil preparation. Invented by Willy Becker in Germany during the late 1950s, these implements were designed to meet the need for a more efficient method of preparing fields for planting. Today, they are crucial in various agricultural practices, particularly in creating ideal conditions for sowing seeds and promoting healthy plant growth.

What is a Power Harrow?

A power harrow is an agricultural implement utilized for breaking up, refining, and distributing soil. It represents a significant advancement over traditional harrows, thanks to its rotating blades or tines that dig into the soil, break it up, and aerate it. Unlike ploughs that completely turn over the soil, power harrows mix the soil while preserving its layers, making them particularly effective for soil preparation without causing undue disruption.

How Does a Power Harrow Work?

The key component of a power harrow is its rotor, equipped with vertically aligned blades or tines that spin at high speeds. These blades aerate the soil and break up clods, ensuring even distribution and texture. Additionally, the working depth of a power harrow is adjustable, allowing for depth control based on the crop's requirements and soil conditions. Most power harrows also have a rear roller, which helps in breaking soil clumps, leveling, and compressing the soil to retain moisture.

Benefits of Using Power Harrows

Preventing Hardpan Formation

One of the main advantages of power harrows is their ability to prevent the formation of hardpan in the soil. Hardpan, a compacted layer of soil, can be detrimental to plant growth. Power harrows combat this by offering variable tilling depth and stirring the soil in a vertical plane, thus reducing the risk of soil compaction and hardpan formation.

Minimizing Weed Spread

Power harrows are also effective in minimizing the spread of weeds. Unlike rotovators, which can bring dormant weed seeds to the surface, power harrows maintain the existing soil layers, burying weed seeds deeper where they are less likely to germinate. This action also helps preserve soil structure and promotes natural biological activity, aiding in weed suppression.

Versatile Use in Agriculture

Power harrows are versatile tools that can be effectively used for soil preparations in various crops, especially cereal crops like wheat, barley, or oats. They create a consistent and level seedbed, ensuring uniform crop emergence crucial for maximizing yield. However, they might not be the best choice for crops like potatoes that require very fine tilth and deeper planting.

Review of FarmMaster Power Harrows

Beckside Machinery offers a range of FarmMaster Power Harrows, designed for small farms and specialized applications, perfect for those looking for a power harrow for sale:

  1. PH-90 Compact Tractor Power Harrow: Priced at £1,595.00, ideal for 20-80HP compact tractors.

  2. PH-110 Compact Tractor Power Harrow: Available for £1,695.00, suitable for 25-80HP compact tractors.

  3. PH-130 Compact Tractor Power Harrow: Costs £1,795.00, also ideal for 25-80HP compact tractors.

  4. PH-170 Compact Tractor Power Harrow: The largest model, priced at £1,995.00.

These models feature a single-speed cast-iron gearbox, 2 pieces of "U" fashioned blades per rotor, and a universal 3-point hitch. They also include a heat-treated and ultra-hardened blade holder, enhancing durability and performance, making them ideal compact tractor power harrows.


Power harrows, such as the FarmMaster range offered by Beckside Machinery, are essential for any farmer or landscaper looking to prepare soil effectively for planting. Their design and functionality make them a valuable investment for healthier, more productive soil. For more information on compact tractor attachments, visit Beckside Machinery's Compact Tractor Attachments.

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