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What HP Tractor Would You Want for a 6-Foot Rotovator?

When it comes to optimizing agricultural operations, matching the horsepower (HP) of a tractor to the requirements of a compact tractor attachment is crucial. This is particularly true for a 6-foot tractor rotavator, a tool essential for preparing soil in vineyards, landscape beds, orchards, and more. In this context, let's explore the kind of tractor you'd need for a 6-foot rotavator, using the FarmMaster Heavy Duty Compact Tractor Rotavator HRT-180 as a specific example.

compact tractor rotovator

Introducing the FarmMaster HRT-180

The FarmMaster HRT-180 compact tractor rotavator stands out with its robust design, suitable for a range of agricultural tasks. This rotavator, with a working width of 1.8 meters (roughly 6 feet), is engineered for efficiency and durability. Its features include a side gear-driven system, a graphite gearbox made from cast iron for enhanced performance, and six blades per flange, catering to diverse farming needs. The rotavator also boasts a rear protection plate, a 6-spline slip clutch driveline, and adjustable side skids, making it a versatile choice for soil preparation.

Power Requirements for Optimal Performance

The FarmMaster HRT-180 requires a tractor with a power range between 30 to 55 HP. This ensures that the tractor can handle the rotavator's demands, providing sufficient power for breaking up soil on rough, uncultivated land without compromising on efficiency or causing strain to the tractor.

Choosing the Right Compact Tractor

When considering a tractor for such a rotavator, the Kioti CK series offers an exemplary lineup, especially models within the 30-55 HP range. These compact tractors are known for their robust construction, ease of use, and minimal maintenance requirements, making them ideal for a variety of tasks, including operating the FarmMaster HRT-180.

Specific Model Recommendation: Kioti CK3530

A particular model that stands out is the CK3530 Kioti tractor. With 35 HP, this tractor falls well within the required power range for the HRT-180. It features a Kioti diesel engine known for its eco-friendly and efficient performance, along with a dual pedal HST (Hydrostatic Transmission), which enhances the tractor's ease of use and control.


Matching a 6-foot rotavator with the appropriate compact tractor for sale is key to achieving the best results in soil preparation. The FarmMaster HRT-180 serves as an excellent example of what to look for in a rotavator, while the CK3530 Kioti compact tractor exemplifies the ideal tractor companion. With the right pair, farmers can achieve optimal soil conditioning, laying the groundwork for successful planting and cultivation. Whether you're tending to a vineyard, orchard, or landscape bed, the combination of these two machines will ensure your land is well-prepared for whatever you plan to grow.

Discover More at Beckside Machinery

To explore the full range of FarmMaster rotovators, including the robust HRT-180, or to find the ideal Kioti tractor for sale for your agricultural needs, visit Beckside Machinery.

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