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What is a Backhoe Digger?

A backhoe is a piece of excavating machinery, also known as a tractor digger. It comes with a backhoe bucket or scoop, that is fitted to the end of a two-part moving tractor arm. ​These compact tractor attachments for sale fit at the back of the tractor, resulting in a rear backhoe,

The arm nearest the vehicle, called a boom, helps to support the digger attachment – (the portion that carries the bucket).​ Ultimately, backhoes for compact tractors provide a great alternative all-round compact digger.​ They are also far, and we mean far more cost-efficient, while also providing you with full usability.

​Backhoes are used for:

• Farmland

• Orchards

• Fencing work

• Building firms

• Development projects

And far more scenarios, across different businesses and industry sectors. ​If you’re wanting a backhoe loader for sale or a tractor backhoe for sale, speak with our team at Beckside Machinery so thar we can help find the right tractor implement for you.

Types of tractor backhoes

If need to lift or move heavy and large quantities of soil, then a backhoe digger is a must. Giving you superior digging capabilities and mobility.

Compact Tractor Backhoe Digger

A three-point linkage tractor backhoe for sale will help to give additional strength, outstanding performance, plus, they are straightforward and simple to assemble heavy equipment.

​in short, Backhoe diggers are solid, high-quality tractor attachments that fit a compact tractor, or sub-compact tractor in a few minutes.

​Also available are different bucket sizes that come with varying depths of dig, working heights, swing angles, different widths of stabiliser, and angles of bucket rotation. The locking linkages complying with UK Health and Safety regulations completelt. In addition, they can hold 4 in 1 bucket or a trench digger attachment.

A tractor backhoe is fitted onto compact and mini tractors via the 3 point linkage; however, it does not require fixed bolts or brackets. This means the backhoe can be taken off quickly and simply, so you only use the implement when you need it the most—freeing up the tractor for alternative tractor implements, such as a power harrow, hedge cutter, or flail mower, etc. allowing you to get on with a plethora of jobs and tasks. For smaller tractors, a sub-compact tractor backhoe attachment is required, turning the machine swiftly into an effective tractor digger machine, able to do many types of work.

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