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What is a stone burier?

A stone burier ultimately mills the soil and buries any stones that cross its path.

Stoney soil can be a huge problem.


Because not only can it hamper healthy soil growth, but it can also damage other equipment and attachments.

Stone buriers are primarily used when topsoil needs to be milled thoroughly, making them great as turf maintenance pieces of equipment.

What is a stone burier?

Golf courses, sports facilities, as well as farms and pastures use stone buriers regularly to help with soil preparation.

Stone buriers help to increase the density of your turf and start making areas appear much fuller – this is essential when preparing seedbeds, as the stone burier creates a homogeneous upper layer to help support new grass growth.

How a compact tractor stone burier works

Stone buriers work by driving a reverse tiller into the ground.  Digging through and bringing to the surface soil, rocks, and debris.

The tilling rotor then throws this debris behind the rotor where the fine soil is separated from the larger stones and rocks.

These larger stones and rocks are then pushed to the bottom of the till depth, with the finer soil piled on top, spread smoothly, and then packed down using a roller, so you are left with a pristine looking area and a quality topsoil area.

Other objects and debris can also be buried; in fact, those up to a depth of 150mm can be milled in a single pass, making great topsoil as a result.

Why use an agricultural stone burier?

A stone burier is not only efficient; it also offers a degree of professionalism, providing a top-grade finish on set areas in just one pass.

Stone buriers also have many uses, such as:

  • Seed and soil milling

  • Soil and seed separation

  • They can break up large particles of the earth with ease.

  • They offer a fast and efficient solution when it comes to the preparation of soil.

Most stone buriers can also be equipped with an additional seeding unit, helping to ready a lawn's surface in just that one single pass.  For example, a hydraulic stone burier is ideal for preparing lawn beds, saving you a considerable amount of time, which ultimately helps save you money too!

Most stone buriers will come with height adjustments, so you can make the right adjustment regarding depth depending on the pasture that is being milled.

Note:  A floating boom valve on your tractor/machine is recommended and often required.

Benefits of stone buriers

As well as great for green, lawned areas and the rotavating and tilling of paddocks and pastures, stone buriers also provide:

  • A quality finish and smooth new seedbeds

  • A range of tilling depths

  • Levelling of seedbeds

  • Smooth running and handling

  • Burying of stones and debris out of sight!

And, stone buriers also:

  • Save you considerable time and energy, as no longer does this work have to be such a manual chore.

  • These pieces of equipment are low-maintenance and durable, with all components being extremely robust.

Compact tractor stone buriers

Stone buriers suitable for compact tractors are often heavy-duty and high quality.  Helping to rotovate the ground it drives across, ready for sowing or planting.

Moving unwanted and overgrown weeds and grass, as well as plant, remains, and stones down into the ground, the stone burier then replaces this with fine topsoil that it has separated out and sprayed across the desired area.

What's more, the stone burier's entire width is worked, with the area sculpted from end to end.  Plus with the stone buriers lateral drive, the ground can be tilled from its centre exceptionally effectively.

Stone buriers are a great attachment tool to help in smoothing the soil and, in our opinion, can be the one piece of equipment that can help make or break a seeding project.

Because ultimately, a stone burier can help you get the starting phases of soil prep right, first time, every time.

Used in:

  • Agriculture

  • Horticulture

  • Fruit-growing

  • Landscape gardening

  • Vegetable gardening

  • Seed planting/sowing

  • And more!

At Beckside Machinery, we offer stone buriers for sale alongside other vital pieces of agricultural equipment to help keep on top of everything around the farm.

To find out more, visit our pages online, or call us on 01673 828 965 and our experienced and friendly team will be happy to help and answer your questions.

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