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What's a decent mini tractor for sale?

A mini tractor is a small compact tractor, and for this article, we'll keep the mini tractors for sale that we present compact tractors under 30 horsepower. We'll take a look at both new and used mini tractors and include some top brands like Kioti, Branson, Kubota and John Deere for your consideration. Additionally, we'll talk about some decent compact tractor attachments for sale that a 25 horsepower small tractor can efficiently run.

The CS2220 Kioti tractor for sale

As tractor dealers, we pride ourselves on selling quality new mini tractors. That's why we became tractor dealers for Kioti tractors several years ago, and we are proud to have recently received an award as the UK's number one retailer of these high-quality compact tractors for sale. The CS2220 Kioti tractor is a 21 horsepower mini tractor that is agile, compact and looks great with its sleek hornet like red hood contrasted with a dark grey trim finish. These tractors for sale come with hydrostatic transmission, with two-speed ranges to achieve a variety of speeds, and incorporate both rear and mid-PTO's to fit various compact tractor attachments, such as a mid-deck tractor mower, and so on. The CS2220 mini tractors for sale, UK prices start at £10495 plus VAT. You can check out our various options, such as the tractor with a mid-deck tractor mower or compact tractor backhoe, on our Kioti Tractor page.

Branson Tractors 1905H Mini Tractor

1905H Branson tractors are a brilliantly priced new mini tractor for sale, starting at £7995 plus VAT for a 19 horsepower small tractor that packs a punch and is strong enough to do most jobs around homes, such as smallholdings and small acreage farm estates. With hydrostatic steering and easy maintenance, these compact tractors are built to last and sporting a one-piece metal bonnet and a powder-coated surface that prevents cosmetic damage due to UV rays.

Used mini tractor for sale

In addition to selling new mini tractors, we have a stock of quality used mini tractors for sale, UK delivery available. These include quality brands, such as Kubota tractors and John Deere compact tractors.

BX2330 used Kubota mini tractor for sale

In stock, we currently have a 22 horsepower used Kubota tractor that is fitted with a mid-deck tractor mower and a Kubota tractor loader, making it an ideal tractor with a front loader for smallholdings and small acreage farmlands. This small tractor for sale is fully serviced, comes with a three-month warranty and retails at £8495 plus VAT and delivery. It has a 22 horsepower liquid-cooled Kubota engine, and the 54" side-discharge mower is also made by Kubota. Both the body and engine are in good working condition, and with a low 62 hours, this mini tractor will be snapped up quickly on the clock.

John Deere Mini Tractor

Recently, we've had people enquire about a John Deere mini tractor, 28HP, so we thought that we'd throw a curveball in with our latest John Deere used tractor for sale. The 4300 John Deere is a more enormous 32.2 horsepower for those who want more power out of a compact tractor. This tractor retails at £9995 with NO VAT and has only 662 miles on the clock. It is in good condition and sports a 1.5-litre three-cylinder diesel engine. It is also equipped with power steering, making it a pleasure to drive.

In stock, we also have a 27.3 horsepower John Deere mini tractor for sale, the 3520 HST John Deere compact tractor. This model is in excellent condition and is fitted with a cab for all weather conditions, and runs off a reliable Yanmar tractor engine. This tractor has 2630 hours on the clock and retails at £13995 plus VAT.

Tractor package deals

The above mini tractors can be purchased with additional compact tractor attachments to suit whatever job you have in mind. We stock tractor implements such as flail mowers, power harrows, compact tractor backhoe loaders, etc. We can do all sorts of compact tractor packages, so if you are after used John Deere compact tractor packages, for example, we supply multiple tractor attachments with the tractor, such as FLC-20 FARMMASTER Flail Collector, a Stone Burier, and a FARMMASTER HFSC1600 tractor hedge cutter, and you will make a significant saving buying these as a bespoke compact tractor package deal.

If you are interested in anything you've come across in this blog, please give us a call. We are happy to discuss your requirements and will do whatever we can to meet your needs. You can contact us on 01673 828 965.

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