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Which 25HP compact tractor should I buy in the UK?

When you are looking to purchase a new 25 Horsepower (HP) tractor for sale in the UK, there are alternatives to John Deere and Kubota. Kioti and Branson tractors are the best alternatives to these giant brands in every aspect. We will be looking at two premium 25HP compact tractors for sale, the Branson 2505H and the Kioti CX2510.

Branson 2505H

Tractors from Branson are built to be durable and reliable. The 2505h is tough enough to handle any job around the house or farm. This compact tractor features a 4-cycle, water-cooled, diesel engine with a hydrostatic transmission and 25 HP of power.

Tractors manufactured by Branson are designed with quality in mind and have over fifty years of experience. It's reassuring to know that you're getting a quality tractor.

The new Branson 2505H compact tractor retails for £10,995 plus VAT.

Kioti CX2510

The CX2510 compact tractors for sale look and perform exceptionally well. These tractors are easy to drive and comfortable to operate. With their power and lift, they can help you accomplish a wide range of tasks. Included as standard are power steering, a streamlined hood design, high/low speed ranges, an advanced air conditioning design (CAB model), a HST-linked easy-speed transmission, a manual transmission, a stationary PTO, a USB port, a fold-away roof.

The price of a new CX2510 Kioti tractor is £13,995 plus VAT.

Many useful tractor implements can be powered by a 25HP tractor. Flail mowers, log splitters, power harrows, tractor rotavators, finish mowers, stone buriers, tractor road sweepers, backhoe diggers and tractor-mounted hedge trimmers are some of these.

FarmMaster and FarmMaster-Pro are excellent brands of compact tractor attachments. A FarmMaster FL135 1.3 metre or FarmMaster-Pro FL160 1.6 metre flail mower for sale, for example, will easily be powered by either of the above tractors.

For log splitters for sale in the UK, we recommend Goliath. A 25hp small tractor can run a Goliath heavy-duty tractor woodchipper and a tractor log splitter. A 25HP tractor can therefore handle all your woodland needs.

Both above tractors can be fitted with a front loader and backhoe digger if you need to lift or excavate. LandLugger makes a great compact tractor backhoe attachment.

Beckside Machinery can supply all of this equipment individually or as part of a customised compact tractor package. Call 01673 828965 if you're considering purchasing a 25HP compact tractor and would like to know what tractor attachments you can use with it.

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