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What size tractor for log splitter?

Compact tractors are ideal for moving large log splitters over rough terrain if you have a tractor trailer. Wouldn't it be neat if the tractor also powered the wood splitter? Your tractor's hydraulic power can be used to split logs with these log splitters for sale.

Log splitters mounted on tractors are also known as tractor-mounted log splitters, as opposed to petrol log splitters. Due to their ability to produce 10-27 tons of force, the machines are ideal for working with logs. Depending on the tractor implement, a 3-point log splitter can be used with a hitch from category 1, 2, or 3. When choosing the right one, consider these things:

Power from hydraulics and PTOs

It's imperative to make sure that your tractor's hydraulics will operate the ram of your log splitter. The most critical measurement on your tractor is the flow rate or total flow of hydraulic oil. The GPM represents the number of gallons produced per minute. In the event that your tractor's manual does not contain that information, TractorData might be able to provide it for you.

Each 3-point log splitter has a minimum recommended flow rate. Before buying a splitter, make sure your tractor can handle at least that flow rate.

Some log splitters use the power take-off, or PTO, rather than the tractor's hydraulic system to power the pump. You might be able to purchase a PTO conversion kit separately if your log splitter does not have one.

PSI on tractors and tonnage on log splitters

In order to pair your log splitter for a tractor with a 3-point log splitter, you need to know one more detail about its hydraulic system: the pressure of the fluid. The unit of measurement is PSI, or pounds per square inch.

Your tractor's hydraulic fluid pressure affects two key aspects of your log splitter:

  • Time splitting force or tonnage

  • Flow rate also affects cycle time (time taken for the ram to fully extend and return to its starting point).

Tractor log splitters come with a recommended PSI range. Tractors should not exceed a PSI value when using a log splitter. Keep your tractor within the limits.

Features of a log splitter for a tractor

As long as your hydraulic or PTO log splitter is compatible with your tractor, you can check if it offers any other advantages.

Splitting logs horizontally or vertically is one of the most popular features. Split logs in two convenient directions with a switchable vertical/horizontal splitter:

  • Logs that are smaller and lighter can be lifted and caught horizontally more easily

  • Splitting logs vertically does not require lifting.

For example, the GOLIATH 27-ton tractor-mounted log splitter can be positioned vertically or horizontally.

In Summary

With some compact tractor log splitters, such as the GOLIA|TH brand, splitting is also easier and faster. Invest in a 3-point log splitter if you own a tractor and need to clear large properties, split logs, or sell firewood.

Beckside Machinery offers new and refurbished used compact tractors for sale. Furthermore, they offer the largest selection of compact tractor attachments for sale in the UK, including tractor log splitters. Visit our website or call 01674 828 965 to speak with a team member for more information.

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