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Wood Chipper cutter-ring

The first method relates to a so-called direct wood chipper for sale. In these compact tractor attachments, raw uncut wood is supplied into the groove. A cutter loop is provided parallel to the radial axle of the wood. The cutter ring is equipped with a plurality of cutters on the outer perimeter. These cutters elongate so that their cutting edges are co-ordinated to the cutter ring. The cutter ring is operable so that it may be cut into a piece of raw wood and processed into a PTO wood chipper for compact tractor.

Yet another arrangement of the direct tractor mounted wood chipper (direct PTO wood chipper for sale) belonging to the first mode includes a disk that is rotatably sustained. This disc holds a chipping cutter on one side of itself. Untreated wood or tree trunks are supplied into the working surfaces of these cutters in a position parallel to the fibers. Since the surface speed of each surface element is modified depending on whether the surface element is inside or outward of the radial direction, the complete wood chips will also be modified, which will enhance the quality.

The above-mentioned 3 point tractor implements belonging to the first method is used first to produce, first and foremost, the chips (streaked timber chips). In this case, the fibre of the wood chip continues in the longitudinal direction of the wood chip. This wood chip is remarkably thin. This wood chip is used to create the same type of board, the so-named OSB board. This plate is generally believed to be expensive. Since this strip is extremely strong and strong, it can be used as a construction material for prefabricated houses, for example.

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