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Agricultural equipment expert Yanmar has brought more than 50 years’ knowledge and expertise to bear in the construction of two new models that blur the lines separating sub-compact tractor and full-blown tractor. The effect is the SA221 and SA424; tractors that raise the bar in driver comfort, ease of use, confined space performance, low fuel consumption and low emission production.


A key innovation of the new Yanmar SA221 and SA424 compact tractors for sale is their compressed dimensions. Externally, they are roughly the size of a common garden tractor. But those looks are misleading as both models benefit from big tractor for sale levels of execution, productivity, versatility and operator satisfaction. Furthermore, both models are powered by performance matched Yanmar motors and transmissions that please all know emissions regulations whilst presenting the lowest possible fuel consumption levels. Styled by world-renowned technical designer Ken Okuyama, both models are easy-to-operate and uncomplicated to maintain making them the ideal choice for consumers across a multitude of sectors and purposes where area is at a premium.


Scaling in at 650 kg and with a rotating circle of just 2.4 metres, the Yanmar SA221 is powered by a fuel-efficient and emissions obedient Yanmar engine developing 16.1 kW at a rated 3,000 rpm. This field proved and strong power pack drives by a Yanmar hydrostatic transmission that affords even speed and directional shifts and a top speed of 13 km/h. A pair of side-by-side hydrostatic foot pedals give fast and smooth forward and reverse speed changes, enabling the operator to concentrate on utilizing the light, power-assisted steering and individual lever implement controls. A 23-litre fuel tank provides the SA221 small tractors for sale to work a long going day without refuelling, making it one of the most utmost fuel-efficient machines in its class. The Yanmar SA221 unit is produced from a spacious and well-appointed ROPS cab that highlights a fully adjustable suspension seat with foldable arm rests for maximum operator comfort. That comfort is further improved by an isolation-mounted engine and full-frame chassis that decreases vibration through the operator compartment. A large digital display panel guarantees that the operator is aware of all key operating purposes while a digital gauge accurately monitors fuel levels. In agreement with all Yanmar compact tractors for sale, the new SA221 is produced to be easy to maintain, boasting long service periods. A polycarbonate hood folds back in one piece, giving access to all key maintenance points that are grouped on one side for comfort and accessibility. A front-mounted radiator is shielded against the ingress of grass for a long working life and maximum engine cooling and protection. The mini tractors is equipped with a Category I 3-point hitch as standard, and is presented with a wide array of compact tractor attachments for sale for maximum operating versatility and maximum utilization levels.


The larger Yanmar SA424 tractor gives many of the features of its smaller sibling, the SA221. Like the SA221, the SA424 also employs a performance-matched Yanmar engine and transmission organisation. The emissions-compliant Yanmar diesel engine used in the SA424 develops 17.8 kW at a rated 3,000 kW for supplementary power and performance and yet still achieves class-leading fuel economy. Run from a spacious and well-appointed cab, the SA424 highlights a cast-iron transaxle and two side-by-side hydrostatic transmission pedals that provide drivers with unprecedented levels of fine power. Powered by a fuel efficient and discharges compliant, three-cylinder Yanmar diesel engine driving through a certified Yanmar transmission, the SA424 is capable of a top speed of 21.5 km/h making it one of the fastest tractors in its power class. The unit’s front loader can lift up to 545 kilos of weight, a level of power usually associated with much bigger tractors. With class leading ground clearance and excellent stability, the SA424 is a tough tractor designed for the most challenging territory, and its powerful PTO can be used to drive various compact tractor attachments.

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