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The Venom Compact Log Splitter 12 ton is small log splitter for sale with a big bite in the venom range.


It's ideal for residential and light commercial users looking for a portable value for money hydraulic log splitter. This compact unit can fit on a compact tractor-trailer or into a van for transportation from one place to another and features a pull along handle for comfortable moving around the area.


The 2019 new 6.5hp Briggs & Stratton vanguard engine comes with Briggs’ three3-year guarantee.


Like its bigger Venom Log Splitter brothers, the 12ton Hydraulic log splitter has a simple two-handled ram control which conforms fully with E.U Health and safety laws and features an auto return ram system that allows the ram to be stopped anywhere on the cycle to decrease splitting time.


Dimensions are approx as follows:

  • Height 97 cm
  • width 89 cm
  • length 135 cm

12 Ton Venom Compact Hydraulic Log Splitter For Sale

  • Reviews

    "Just received my 12-ton venom hydraulic log splitter delivered this week. Fabulous delivery service tested on a trailer of wood it was a delight to work it. so fluid at splitting the wood Money well spent if you're looking to split wood this hydraulic log splitter is the machine for you."


    "We wanted a hydraulic log splitter after being given a bulky felled beech tree. Heard about the Venom log splitter range, but not which type to buy. We settled on the 12 tonner. What a fantastic bit of equipment. So far it has split roughly 5 tons of logs, some of which were ghastly knotty twisted monstrosities. The Venom hydraulic log splitter took anything in its pace. I would like to say that we run it on half revs and it rarely faltered at all, doesn't use much juice either and we only run on full for the big 3 foot diameter meaty pieces. This hydraulic log splitter far exceeds our expectations and has been well deserving of the money - superior build and simple really to use. Get yourself a Venom hydraulic log splitter for sale!"


    "The log splitter itself is brilliant, I split around 3 tons of logs in 3 hours and used only 2 litres of petrol, splitting logs of up to 18" diameter and 15" long. Mostly the hydraulic log splitter was ran on half revs and the ram seldom wavered. The ram arrests when you let go of the levers so it usualy just needs to travel to & fro 6", which preserves a lot of time. I pondered the price, but I don't regret my investing. Last year I spent numerous weekends on a job that just needed one day with this machine. The email contact from "James" is excellent and I would endorse it to anyone. Don't dither any more, just buy one."


    "After much study and man-hours watching Youtube, I decided the 12-ton log splitter was the device that I would buy. The purchasing process was straight forward and the hydraulic log splitter was delivered onto my garage by the driver of the transportation lorry. With the correct oil's and fuel added the motor started the second pull. I had recently used a compact tractor mounted log splitter at my sons, and questioned that the rock machinery log splitter could match the power of that compact tractor attachment, I should not have, as the 12 ton Venom log splitter launched its wedge through every log it was asked to. This covered some logs of Elm that I had given up attempting to split with a Maul, and some very coarse large rounds of Poplar. The log splitter is simple and safe to handle. Upon my return from a few days working away, my partner was proud to show me a big pile of logs that her and the rock log splitter  had split. In summary an this is an excellent machine!"


    "This is a wonderful well engineered log splitter for sale.I had looked at so many other hydraulic log splitters before deciding to buy this new 12 ton splitter from Rock. I am so happy with it`s performance, it just slices through all my wood logs like a blade through butter and the Briggs & Stratton engine does`nt even sound on half revs. Well done Rock and gratitude for the fast no trouble delivery."

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