This description is for 1905 Branson tractor with loader for sale... 


These Branson tractors are fitted with a BL90 tractor loader and a 1.37M (54") side discharge mid mower.


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Branson Tractors UK intended their compact tractors with sturdy, dependability in mind. The 05 Series compact tractor is strong enough for any job around the land or home. Highlighting a 19 HP diesel engine with a two-speed hydrostatic transmission, the 1905HST Tractor is the ultimate choice for ground care on small acreage farms and estates.

Branson Compact Tractors are designed with quality in mind. Kukje Manufacturing of South Korea, a leader in the field of agricultural equipment with over fifty years of experience. So, you can rest assured in knowing you’re getting a quality built tractor. Branson tractor packages are assembled in the United States at our plants in Georgia, Oregon, and Texas. 


Truly a powerhouse


Low Profile

05 Series Branson tractors are only 86.6” tall at the tip of the roll bar with 8.3” of ground clearance. This unit is very manoeuvrable in tight areas

Hydrostatic Steering
Dual activating “Push-Pull Steering Cylinder” enables no drag link to be
used. Steering cylinder receives 2.11 GPM and allows fingertip steering


Easy Maintenance
Maintenance on the 1905HST Branson Tractors are easier than ever with its removable radiator screen and easy access engine compartment


One-piece metal bonnet raised by dual gas struts secured with a positive lock latch. Powder coat surface prevents UV damage to the paint, bringing longevity to the look of the unit. Steel, unlike fibreglass or plastic, will not crack in cold climates.


1905HST Branson Tractor attachments for sale include the BL90 or BL90S Tractor Loader with a bucket level indicator and 48-inch bucket, a
BH90 Backhoe and a BM54 54” Belly Mower to tackle any job around the
farm or home. Click here for a comprehensive list of compact tractor attachments for sale. 


Standard on the 1905HST Branson Tractors is our
foldable roll-over protecting structure (ROPS). Not only does it shield the operator, but the structure also overlaps easily so you can store it in just about any garage.


Clean Power
The 1950HST Branson Tractors Yanmar diesel engine is
built by Branson. It meets and exceeds all EPA Tier 4 regulations. They run clean and quiet and do not need a DPF Filter, DOC, or SCR to achieve this

1905 Branson Tractors are built-to-last and are eco-friendly.
When you think of Branson tractors, one word comes to memory - Dependability. That’s because Branson tractors UK has been building solid compact tractors for sale for over 50-years. With eco-friendly, tier 4 diesel engines, these tractors are perfect for any job, big or small. With Loader and Backhoe options, these tractors can tackle everything.


With BL90 Compact Tractor Loader

BL90 Compact Tractor Loader comes replete with a standard lift arm and is suitable for 1905h Branson Tractors. This tractor loader comes fitted with a 1.27m bucket and a pin-type bucket hitch. The tractor loader itself is detachable in a few minutes and has its integral stand to store the loader when it is not in use.



The LANDLUGGER BH10 Compact Tractor Backhoe Attachment is designed for sub-compact to small tractors, from 15-35hp. It is probably the best tractor backhoe for a sub-compact tractor in UK. In the BH10, LANDLUGGER have been able to engineer a very light and fully-functional backhoe for tractor that is stable and transports safely on your tractor’s linkage. It may also be folded close to the tractor, compactly and conveniently, for storage. It is the best sub-compact tractor backhoe for Kioti tractors and other sub-compact tractors brands.

A LANDLUGGER compact tractor backhoe attachment will save you time and save your back.


LANDLUGGER compact tractor backhoe attachments have an independent hydraulic oil tank; hydraulic remotes are not required for operation. It can be used with virtually any tractor that has a PTO.


Quality Tractor Backhoes Performs & Keeps Performing

A quality tractor backhoe is not a “cheap” implement and while there are some relatively cheap Asian tractor backhoes on the market, they are often fraught with issues such as poor geometry, inferior components, low build quality and poor bucket design. This can render the backhoe almost useless and ultimately, a waste of money.


Reasons to Choose LANDLUGGER Compact Tractor Backhoe Attachment


LANDLUGGER backhoes utilise high-quality componentry and design, to produce a superior backhoe that does what it is intended to do; some backhoes simply don’t!


To speak with us about our Branson Tractor package deals and for the latest Branson Tractor prices, please call Beckside Machinery on 01673 828 965.

1905H Branson Tractors with Compact Tractor Loader & Backhoe

  • 05 Series Branson Tractors dimensions

    • Wheelbase: 53.1”
    • Length: 94.2”
    • Width: 44.5”
    • Height with ROPS: 86.6”
    • Height with folded ROPS: 60”
    • Ground clearance: 8.3”
    • Wheelbase: 53.1”
    • Weight: 1433 lbs.
  • This compact tractor features

    1. Wider Operators Seat

    2. Range Shift

    3. 4-Wheel Drive Engagement Lever, 3-PT Hitch Lift Control

    4. Hydrostatic Transmission

    5. PTO Engagement Lever

    6. 3-Pt Hitch Flow Control

    7. Easy Access to Controls

    8. Combination Light Switch/Turn Signal Switch

    9. Cruise Control Standard

    10. Hydrostatic Steering

    11. Hood Release Lever 12. 54 Inch Mid-Mount Mower 13. Differential Lock Pedal Mower Deck Height Adjustment Dial

  • Ready for compact tractor attachments

    Ready for Any Job

    Whatever small job you have around the farm, the 1905HST Branson Tractors Series are perfect for any job. Featuring a Category 1 three-point hitch, as well as a pin-type 3-point hitch stabilizer, hydraulic remotes, and mid-mount PTO these tractors make it easy to attach whatever implement is needed for the job Attach and Go

    The 05 Series tractor features the option for a front-end loader, a midmount mower and a backhoe On the Level Branson loaders feature built-in bucket level indicators, eliminating the guess work, helping make the job easier from the start.

    Click here for a comprehensive list of compact tractor attachments for sale.

  • Engine

    • Model: 3TNV74F
    • Type: Yanmar Diesel
    • Combustion System: Swirl Chamber
    • Aspiration: Naturally Engine Output / HP (KW) @ Rated RPM 19 Engine RPM 3000
    • No. of Cylinders: 3
    • Bore x Stroke: mm
    • Displacement: cc 993
    • Displacement cubic in: 60.6
    • Compression Ratio
    • Type of Air Cleaner: Dry Single Filter Elements
    • Fuel Tank Capacity: gal 6.6
  • MISC

    • Steering: Hydrostatic
    • Clutch: Dry, Single
    • Battery: 12V
    • Brakes Wet Disc
    • Rollover Protection System (ROPS) height: 60”

    • Type: HST
    • No. of Ranges: 2 Speed
    • Gear Shifting (F&R)
    • Travel Speed (F&R): MPH 7.8
  • PTO

    • Type: Transmission PTO (over running clutch)
    • Speed (RPM): RPM 540 / 960
    • Power PTO: hp 13.4

    • Type: Single Hear Pump with Flow Divider
    • 3-Point Hitch Category 1
    • Lift Capacity @ Lift Point: lbs 1100
    • Lift Capacity @ 24” past lift point: lbs 679
    • Steering Pump Flow - GPM @ 2800 RPM: 2.11
    • Main Pump Flow - GPM @ 2800 RPM: 4.17
  • TIRE OPTIONS Front Rear

    • Turf Tires Front: 18 x 8.5-10-4
    • Turf Tires Back: 26 x 12-12-4
    • Industrial Tires Front: 18 x 8.5-10-4
    • Industrial Tires Rear: 26 x 12-12-4
  • Tractor Loader

    BL90 Tractor Loader comes replete with a standard lift arm and is suitable for the Branson 1905h compact tractor. This tractor loader comes complete with a 1.27m bucket and a pin type bucket hitch. The loader itself is detachable in a few moments and has its own integral stand to store the loader whne it is not being used.

    • LIFT TYPE : Standard Lift Only
    • HITCH TYPE : 4 x Pins
    • STD BUCKET (inc) : 1.22m
  • Mid Mower

    • Tractor has controls for mower built in to design
    • SIDE discharge chute to guide grass downwards
    • Lock up feature to use 3PL for other duties
    • Large blade overlap to ensure quality finish
    • Covered belts for safety
    • Anti-scalp rollers to limit grass damage
    • Variable height cut adjustment from the operators seat