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2000D Yanmar compact tractor for sale £4795 plus VAT. Please contact us on 01673 828 965 for the best delivery price.


  • Used compact tractor
  • Excellent condition
  • Low hours


  • 4 wheel-drive
  • 20 horse-power
  • litre, 2 cyinder diesel engine

  • 5.8 gallon, 22 litre fuel tank
  • 8 speed gears
  • Rear PTO



"My Yanmar 2000D is a small lightweight tractor. I have been very happy with this tractor the 4 wheel drive is great. It gets the power to the ground the last tractor! The last tractor I had was an old Ford which did the job but I'm much happier with this four-wheel drive. When ploughing in four-wheel drive the front tires actually mix the dirt breaking up in smaller pieces like a tiller. It's a great tractor"


"Great little tractor. I run the legs off this thing with the compact tractor attachments. It always starts and just keeps going. I use it primarily for food plots and mowing but using add-in toils I have dug up a lot of trees too. It just keeps on going."


We stock a comprehensive range of used small tractors for sale and used compact tractors for sale UK. Please contact us on 01673 828 965 for more information.

2000D Yanmar Compact Tractor For Sale | Used Compact Tractors

  • About The Yanmar Tractor

    Yanmar compact tractor manufacturers have a long and impressive history. Yanmar was founded in 1912 and was the pioneer in the compact diesel engine market. Creating their first diesel engine in 1930 and developed the worlds first small horizontal diesel engine in 1933.

    In Japan, Yanmar maintain the same position as John Deere does in the USA. Yanmar also provides engines for the John Deere Tractor, and also manufacture types of the John Deere Compact Tractor.

    Yanmar began marketing their compact tractors in the US with the Yanmar badging around 1977. Soon after introduction, Yanmar began manufacturing the compact tractors for John Deere. By 1986 Yanmar had exported over 100,000 tractors to John Deere alone. Yanmar are leading sub-compact tractor manufacturers.

    If you’re looking for Yanmar compact tractors for sale, UK, Beckside Machinery stock various models of Yanmar sub-compact tractors, and have a variety of compact tractor packages for sale to suit your needs. Call 01673 828 965 and talk to us today.

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