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  • HST Transmission
  • 32HP engine
  • 6497 hours
  • 1 x D/A Spool Valve
  • Power steering
  • Foldable ROPS


Description: The John Deere 4310 Compact Tractor is designed for those who demand performance, versatility, and comfort. Equipped with a 32 horsepower engine and an efficient HST transmission, it delivers the power you need for tough jobs. Its robust construction ensures durability, while the advanced hydraulic system with 2 x D/A Spool Valve allows for a wide range of attachments. The operator station is designed with ergonomics in mind, ensuring comfort and ease of use for long working hours. With power steering and foldable ROPS, this used compact tractor offers both ease of maneuverability and safety.


Service Details:

  • Beckside Machinery provides high-quality, used compact tractors.
  • Expert mechanics conduct thorough servicing and maintenance on every tractor.
  • Includes comprehensive engine and bodywork inspections.
  • Checks on all functionalities to ensure they meet Beckside Machinery's exacting standards.
  • Essential maintenance is performed regularly, including oil and filter changes for hydraulic, fuel, and oil systems.
  • The electrical system, including lights, is checked to guarantee optimal performance.
  • Necessary steps, including the addition of anti-freeze, are taken to ensure optimal performance in all conditions.


Contact Details:

  • For more information on this John Deere compact tractor for sale, please contact Beckside Machinery at 01673 828 965. Price is £7995 plus VAT and delivery.

4310 John Deere compact tractor for sale


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