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Quick Specs:

  • Power: 60HP
  • Transmission: Mechanical synchro shuttle shift
  • Platform: Cab with full AC
  • Auxillary double acting hydraullic services: 2 rear, 2 mid
  • PTO speeds: 540/750
  • 3 point linkage lift at ball ends: 1500kg


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  • 12F / 12R Synchronized Transmission allows the operator to change speeds while moving without bringing the Branson tractors to a complete standstill and 
  • Both Forward / Reverse shifting is easily achieved wth Synchro Shuttle.
  • 6225C : Powerful Climate Controlled Cab (incorporating A/C and Heater, FM/AM Radio) always puts you at a pleasant temperature in any severe weather conditions.
  • 1,500kg rear hitch lift capability. Standard CAT I 3-Point Hitch gives all the lifting power you need for compact tractors of this size.
  • 2 speed independent PTO is fitted as standard which enables operators to switch to approx 584 or 1,088 RPM to operate compact tractor attachments more efficiently and with higher fuel efficiency.
  • A robust rear hitch lift capacity of 1,733kg. Conventional CAT II 3point Hitch enables Operators up to heavier compact tractor attachments.
  • Complied with a pair hydraulic pumps: 1 for the hydrostatic steering and another for the remainder of the hydraulics which means there is adequate pressure in the lines for all purposes ensuring safer, regulated steering and smooth, robust bucket operation.
  • Clutch locks fitted as standard equipment: They enable operators to lockout clutch discs, which will stop the clutch from sticking if the compact tractor is non-operational for lengthened periods.

6225C Branson Tractors

  • Quick Specs

    • Power: 60HP
    • Transmission: Hydro
    • Platform: Cab with full AC
    • Auxillary double acting hydraullic services: 2 rear, 2 mid
    • PTO speeds: 540/750
    • 3 point linkage lift at ball ends: 1500kg

    Engine HP (kW) @ Rated RPM: 60 (40.4) @ 2600

    PTO HP @ Rated RPM: 47.5

    Drive System: 4 Wheel Drive

    Max.Forward Speed (Km@RPM): 33.2 @ 2850

    Min.Forward Speed (Km@RPM): 1.835 @ 2850


    • Main Shift: Synchromesh
    • Reverse Method: Synchromesh
    • Gear Shift: 12F / 12R
    • On-the-Go Shifting (Yes/ No/ Partial): Main Yes | Range No
    • Clutch: Dry single plate

    Brake: Wet, Multidisc

    Fuel System: 45

    PTO: Rear PTO: 584 / 1088 RPM(Independent Type, CW, 6 Spline shaft)Front PTO: Attachable


    • Main (lpm): 39
    • Steering lpm(L/min): 19

    SCV Mid/ Rear: 4/ 4 (Detent)

    3-Point Hitch

    • Hitch Category: CAT I
    • Hitch Lift Capacity on Ball Ends (kg): 1500
    • Hitch Lift Capacity Measured 24” (610mm) Behind Ball Ends (kg): 1100
    • Control Type: Draft/ Position


    • Category: Power Assisted Hydrostatic
    • Turning Degree: 56°
    • Adjustment: 3-Stage Tilt

    Electrics. Generator: 12V / 70Ah

    Tires: F : 9.5-16 / R : 13.6-26IND.: 10-16.5, 17.5L x 24


    • Overall Length (mm) (Front weight - 3PL): 3511 (With Front Weight)
    • Overall Width (mm): 1650
    • Overall Height (mm): 2500
    • Wheelbase: 1806
    • Ground Clearance (mm): 399
    • Weight (kg): 1960

    Options: Front Weight (17kg x 6)


  • Merger with TYM Tractors

    TYM has held 30% of Branson tractor shares since 2016. TYM now owns the entire Branson Tractor and Diesel Engine facility in South Korea after purchasing the remaining 70% of the shares last year.


    TYM has decided to merge the two brands under the TYM brand name starting in January 2023. Future tractors will be badged and sold as TYM tractors with the Branson name being phased out.


    As of January 2023, the name will change to TYM Tractors UK.

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