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A rotary power harrow for sale, or compact tractor power harrow, has various sets of vertical tines. Each collection of tines is revolved on a vertical axis and tills the earth horizontally. The effect is that, unlike a rotary tiller, soil layers are not inverted or turned over, which is helpful in preventing dormant weed seeds from being taken to the surface, and there is no horizontal slicing of the soil subsurface that can lead to hardpan formation.


The Power Harrows is equipped with rotary harrow tines which are inspired in rotation to exercise a powerful breaking-up and/or soil crumbling movement and usually are used after ploughing. The PTO Harrow tines must, out of necessity, be created very robustly, both in their ground/soil engaging pieces and also in the manner in which they are attached to the harrow frame.


This is an ideal alternative to a Kubota power harrow for sale and fits a Kubota compact tractor, Kioti tractor, Branson tractors, and much more.


Additionally, Becside Machinery has the FARMMASTER 110 Power Harrow for sale, and the FARMMASTER 130 Power Harrow for sale. For advice on what compact tractor attachments best suits your needs, please call us on 01673 828 965 today.


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PH-90 Compact Tractor Power Harrow For Sale

  • Tractor Attachments Specifications

    Ideal with 20-80HP compact tractor

    Single-speed cast-iron gearbox

    2pcs of "U" fashioned blades per rotor

    Universal 3-point hitch, Cat. I & Cat.II

    Including heat-Treated and ultra-Hardened blade holder

  • Compact Tractor Attachments Features

    1. Perfect for small farms
    2. Special-designed for preparing vineyards, orchards, greenhouses, seedbeds, and soils.
    3. Excellent for soil aeration
    4. Vertical rotating cutters can stop compaction of the soil for the best preparation of the seedbeds.
    5. Alterable working depth: by one hand spindle in combination with a support roller in accordance with the ground state.
    6. The friction clutch on the PTO shaft protects both the harrow and the tractor from damage if overloaded.
    7. Shear bolt PTO for intensified safety
    8. Easily keep water and nutrition within the soil.
  • Tech Specs



    Working Width


    No. of Tine Rotors


    No. of Blades per machine


    Working Depth


    Tractor Power


    PTO Input Speed


    Gearbox power







    FARMMASTER is rapidly becoming a favourite brand among compact tractor attachments for sale. Read more about FARMASTER Machinery.

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