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Quick Specs:

  • Power: 35HP
  • Transmission: Manual synchro shuttle shift
  • Platform: ROPS
  • Auxillary double acting hydraullic services: 1
  • PTO speeds: 540/750
  • 3 point linkage lift at ball ends: 1500kg


Branson BL15 Loader

Product Details

BL15 Loader comes complete with a level lift arm and is suitable for the Branson F36/F47 compact tractors. This loader comes complete with a 1.55m bucket and a quick hitch type bucket hitch. The loader itself is detachable in a few minutes and has its own integral stand to store the loader whne it is not being used.


  • Branson tractors are 4 wheel drive, and they have been developed with a dual power direction, hydrostatic, steering cylinder.
  • Branson Tractors don't use a steering drag link, which is a significant advantage for tight 47 degree turns and low steering effort.
  • Branson Tractors Three-point hitches are strong and balanced.
  • Steering this compact tractor is smooth and easy, while all other hydraulic requirements can operate at their own performance requirement, simultaneously.
  • Dual hydraulic pumps: hydrostatic steering has its own pumps, the tractor loader operates quicker and smoother. lt is safer for operators as there is no loss of steering control when running both workload and steering duties.
  • The eco-friendly compact tractor engine is genuine Branson built. It is rated at 2,600 RPM operation.
  • Branson Tractors are quiet and have low fuel consumption.
  • Branson Tractors “long stroke” design produces maximum torque at a lower operating rate than many of their competitors.
  • Branson Tractors transmission gives 12 speeds forward and 12 speeds in reverse.
  • Independent 560 RPM PT0 is a standard feature on F Series Branson Tractors.


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Branson F36R Tractor With Loader

  • Branson Tractors UK series F36R Specifications

    Engine HP (kW) @ Rated RPM: 35 (26.1) @ 2600

    PTO HP @ Rated RPM: 29

    Drive System: 4 Wheel Drive

    Max.Forward Speed (Km@RPM): 26.4 @ 2850

    Min.Forward Speed (Km@RPM): 1.3 @ 2850


    • Make: A1700N2
    • Type:Vertical 3 Cycle,Water Cooled, Diesel
    • Displacement (cc):1714
    • Aspiration: Natural
    • Combustion System: Swirl Chamber

    Air Cleaner: Dry, Element


    • Main Shift: SynchroMesh
    • Reverse Method: SynchroShuttle
    • Gear Shift: 12F/12R
    • On-the-Go Shifting (Yes/ No/ Partial): Partial
    • Clutch: Dry Single Plate

    Brake: Wet, Multidisc

  • BL15 Tractor Loader Specs

    • LIFT TYPE : Standard Lift or Level Lift
    • HITCH TYPE : Skid Steer on non level lift / Euro 8 on level lift
    • STD BUCKET (inc) : 1.55m