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Branson Tractors UK 3100H Details

Quick Specs:

  • Power: 30HP
  • Transmission: Hydro
  • Platform: ROPS
  • Auxillary double acting hydraullic services: 1
  • PTO speeds: 540/1000/2500(mid)
  • 3 point linkage lift at ball ends: 650kg


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  • 2 speed independent PTO is standard equipment which allows the operator to switch to approx 540 or 960 RPM to operate implements more efficiently with greater fuel efficiency and Mid PTO for mid mower compatibility.   
  • Provides foldable Rear or Middle ROPS for operator safety and convenient storage.
  • Long-lasting powder-coated metal tilting hood & rear fender.
  • Standard differential lock and 4WD add traction on tough ground.



  • Complete with two hydraulic pumps: One for the hydrostatic steering and one for the rest of the hydraulics. Standard differential lock and 4WD add full traction on tough ground. 
  • 4WD is standard with the easy shift lever. 
  • Easy to use PTO comes standard with 2 speed rear and 1 speed mid. 
  • Clear visibility of the dashboard allows easy monitoring of the tractor's condition. 
  • Clear visibility of the dashboard allows easy monitoring of the tractor's condition. 
  • Hydrostatic control pedals for smooth hands-free forward & reverse motion HST models. 
  • Powerful lift capacity to get more done. 


Product Details

BL05 Tractor Loader comes complete with standard lift or level lift arm and is suitable for the Branson 3100h/3100r compact tractors. This loader comes complete with a 1.27m bucket and a pin-type bucket hitch. The loader itself is detachable in a few minutes and has its own integral stand to store the loader when it is not being used.


Quick Specs:

  • LIFT TYPE : Standard Lift or Level Lift
  • HITCH TYPE : 4 x Pins
  • STD BUCKET (inc) : 1.27m


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Fitted with BL05 Tractor Loader

The Branson Tractors UK range of quick-fit tractor loader models are specifically designed to work with your Branson tractor, to turn it into a compact tractor with loader and are available with a wide range of attachments to maximise their versatility. The loaders can be removed from the tractor in under two minutes, leaving the bracketry on the tractor and the loader standing safely. Parallel lift is an option on all models, and the quick hitch bucket mechanism is standard on all loaders above the 00 Series.


For more information about Branson Tractors, Branson Tractor prices and our superb Branson Tractor package deals, please call us on 01673 828 965.

Branson Tractors 3100H with Front Loader

  • Specifications

    • Length: 3139mm
    • Width: 1360mm
    • Height: 2300mm on Aggs to top of ROPS
    • Wheelbase: 1670mm
    • Ground Clearance: 390mm
    • Weight: 800kg
    • Towing Capacity    Unbraked: 900Kg Braked: 2000Kg
    • Engine Model: Kukje A1700N2
    • Engine Type: Water Cooled 3 Cylinder Diesel
    • Engine Rated Power: 30hp @ 2600rpm
    • Engine Displacement: 1175ccm
    • Fuel Tank Capacity: 23L
    • PTO power: 24hp @ 2600rpm
    • PTO Speed: Rear: 540 / 978 rpm
    • Transmission: 2 Range
    • 3 Point Linkage    Category 1
    • Top Speed: 22.5kph
    • Hyd. Services: Rear: 1 x double acting
    • Hyd Pump: Working pump: 18.2l/min, Power steering pump: 13l/min

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