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Branson Tractors UK K78 Compact Tractors


Product Details

Quick Specs:

  • Power: 74HP
  • Transmission: Power Shuttle
  • Platform: Cab with full AC
  • Auxillary double acting hydraullic services: 2 rear, 2 mid
  • PTO speeds: 540/750/1000
  • 3 point linkage lift at ball ends: 2243kg


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• Synchro Power shuttle transmission offers better fuel and efficiency and performance on Branson K series tractors

• The well designed, climate controlled cab protects the operator from dust and harsh weather conditions.

• An impressive lift capacity of 2,243 Kg from the Cat II 3 point linkage allows the operator to work with heavy implements and attachments. • Both front and rear screens feature wash/wipe function.

The rear screen opens and the side quarter-light windows can be locked open on catches.

• Two powerful hydraulic pumps – one of which is dedicated to steering – means you are ready for virtually any task, but you will never lose safe power for steering.

• Ergonomically designed control layout puts all key functions at your fingertips with colour coding to make operation safe and easy.

• The adjustable and ergonomic seat will keep you comfortable over rough terrain.

• The one-piece bonnet is supported by a gas strut to give you unimpeded access to all the regular daily service checks.



- Under the rear-hinged red bonnet lies a powerful 3.4 litre 4 cylinder turbo diesel engine.

- The high quality Garrett turbo delivers 74bhp at 2500 RPM on the K78 model.

- Putting power on the ground is simple with the synchro power shuttle driving all four wheels.

K78 Branson Tractors

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    Are Branson tractors any good?

  • Merger with TYM Tractors

    TYM has held 30% of Branson tractor shares since 2016. TYM now owns the entire Branson Tractor and Diesel Engine facility in South Korea after purchasing the remaining 70% of the shares last year.


    TYM has decided to merge the two brands under the TYM brand name starting in January 2023. Future tractors will be badged and sold as TYM tractors with the Branson name being phased out.


    As of January 2023, the name will change to TYM Tractors UK.

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