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Experience superior performance and precision with the Kioti CS2510 compact tractor, a standout in the CS Series and a prime choice among compact tractors for sale. This model comes equipped with a mid-deck mower, making it perfect for maintaining pristine lawns and efficient landscaping tasks. With the Kioti tractors UK 5-Year Warranty, you gain both the assurance of quality and the promise of durability.


Key features of the Kioti CS2510 include:

  • Power Steering: Provides a smooth, responsive driving experience, crucial for reducing operator fatigue during long hours of operation.
  • Twin HST Pedals: Enables seamless forward and reverse movements, which enhances control and ease of use.
  • Mid PTO: The standard 2,200 rpm mid PTO allows for powerful and effective operation of mid-mount mowers and other implements.
  • HST Transmission: Delivers continuous power for various load demands, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Three-point Hitch: High capacity linkage accommodates a broad range of attachments, further enhanced by ergonomic control levers for easy adjustments.
  • 12V Power Outlet: Handy for plugging in various electronic accessories.
  • Ergonomic Operator Station: Designed with the operator’s comfort in mind, featuring strategically placed controls and an adjustable seat for all-day comfort.
  • Four Wheel Drive: Engages easily with a single lever, providing extra traction and power in challenging conditions.
  • Illuminated Dashboard: Complete with a digital gauge package, including tachometer, fuel, and temperature gauges, plus warning lamps for critical notifications.


The Kioti CS2510 is also designed for ease of maintenance. Its vertically opening hood allows quick access to the air filter, engine components, and service checkpoints, simplifying routine upkeep. The ergonomic design extends to the placement of the height adjustment lever, which allows for easy modification of the cutting height of the mid-mount mower, optimizing landscaping precision and efficiency.


Moreover, this Kioti compact tractor is not just powerful but also efficient. Equipped with a premium diesel engine, it delivers significant power output with minimal fuel consumption, ensuring that every job is completed efficiently and economically.


This Kioti tractor for sale is part of the esteemed line of Kioti tractors, recognized for their reliability and advanced features. Whether you are tackling tough agricultural tasks, managing a large estate, or maintaining commercial landscapes, the Kioti CS2510 is designed to exceed expectations.


For more details and to view our full range of compact tractors for sale UK, please visit tractors for sale page.

CS 2510 HST Kioti Compact Tractor For Sale with Mid-Deck Mower


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